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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

Ever receive a long distance phone call from somebody who’s calling collect?  You have to accept the charges or you don’t get the call?  Well, recently I’ve had some experiences that make me question how often Spirit is trying to contact me and my hypothetical phone is on silence.

Last week I had a string of experiences that, quite frankly, were startling at how clearly messages were coming to me.  This often happens through people who come into my life.  I believe this is one way the Universe communicates with us – I know for sure, that’s how it is for me.

I’m pretty clairvoyant on a normal day but last week was amazing!  I had several encounters with other people that were most definitely directed by Spirit and I actually was connected enough to see it!  I was in the YES, I’LL ACCEPT mode! How often am I not in that mode though?  How much do I actually miss?

This time of year, Spring and Easter, is a time of real opportunity to receive.  It’s time that all the tending, nurturing and preparing you do, in order to allow your dreams, desires, goal and hopes to SPRING FORTH and RISE/ASCEND into reality.

It is a time that if you are aware and have your “ringer” turned up and are in the YES, I’LL ACCEPT mode, that the energy of the Spirit, the Universe, God (call it what you want) is ever so present and wants to be in communication with you.  Bringing forth abundance in all areas of your life in order for you to see all of your efforts and desires BLOSSOM!

Use this opportunity to really work with this energy! It is really strong and present for the purpose of “birthing” all of your ideas and things you may have been working on, into reality.

This Energy is ALWAYS available but extremely strong at this time!  Why make it hard on yourself when all you have to do is CONNECT and RECEIVE?

No matter your Religious beliefs, use this time to FEEL this ENERGY and allow it to assist you and accelerate your desires!!


Linda Nuss
CEO/Light Me Up Ind., LLC.
[email protected]