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Winter Solstice – “I Am Awake” Poetry for Winter Solstice Holiday

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality

I Am Awake! – Winter Solstice poem

I Am Awake ~ No Longer am I not enough!

(Winter Solstice poetry by Linda Nuss)

By:  Linda Nuss

As the darkness gets deep, deep as it goes, my Soul lies still in this hibernation of sorts.  In this dark restful state, my dreams of lack and sadness are right at the surface, so close to entering into the Light.

Will I remember them as I stretch and move and slowly awaken to my new reality?  Will I take those dreams of struggle and self doubt and raise them up with me to reveal themselves to the Light?  Or will they lay dormant for another cycle to veil the parts of my Soul and keep me in the shadows of darkness?

I must awaken slowly for the Light is breaking through the cave of “not enough”.  My eyes taking in the light ever so gently as I choose to move forward and carry those dreams exposed on my back.  Oh … they have been so heavy!  They’ve held me down but have kept me good company.  They were such good support so as I remained small, they got to stay big.

It was in that small dark space, that I know now, I had been so uncomfortable.  For I have legs to stretch and arms to wrap around others.  My body aches to be upright with my feet firmly connected to the Mother of us all.  How I have longed to have my back and head erect to hold the crown of Golden Light!

How could I have slept in that small dark space for so long?  So tight and so small.  I’m fully waking up now.  Standing in the Light.  My dreams of lack and self denial have been absorbed by the light and in fact, were nothing but illusions.  They’ve slid off my back and I feel so light and feel so free!


 Have a happy Winter Solstice holiday and please feel free to share my poem with your friends and spiritual groups. Make sure to check out the Great Resource Tab at the top.