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Posted by on Jan 17, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? This is a great day to speak about DREAMS.  It is Martin Luther King Day after all.  Who else better to look to when wanting to really be inspired by courage, hope and a relentless pursuit of a dream.  This man was against all odds, but had a passion and a vision of what he knew the world could be.

ARE YOU JUST GETTING THROUGH LIFE? So many of us just get through our days and live mundane and ordinary lives.  We get through our days accomplishing our “mandatory daily tasks”.  Most people don’t even know how to dream anymore.  Are you one of them?  Do you even remember how to dream and that it’s actually an option?
WARNING!  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT! What is so important to remember is that with every creation, the thought of it had to come first.  Do you wonder why your life plays out the way it does?  When we are so caught up in the struggle of our lives, that is what we unconsciously think about – ALL the time!  All the while, the Universe is busy giving us exactly what we think about because we are JUST THAT POWERFUL.
If you’re not even sure what you think about, then it’s time to take a good look at your life.  How are your relationships?  How do you feel about your job?  Does it feel like life is a struggle and exhausting?  Where in your life do things seem a little easier?
Start to really notice what your life is reflecting back to you.  You will start to see patterns.  This is an excellent place to start.  When noticing the things you don’t want, it gives you the opportunity to replace the thought about it with what you do want.
YOU CAN BE THE “BOSS” OR THE “PUPPET” – IT’S UP TO YOU If you can really get good at recognizing your negative thoughts and take responsibility for your life, your relationships and your overall environment then you are on the road to creating the life you want.
TURN OFF THE DRAMA! Don’t be someone who is attached to the “drama” and pain of life.  Take charge and change your negative thought vibration.  You are powerful and capable to create the kind of relationships, job and life you long for.  Start dreaming and creating in this moment!  Don’t wait another second!
Here’s to living the life of your dreams!
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