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Turn the Cheek….Towards what you want!

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

So often we hear the phrase “just turn the other cheek”.  I believe it is often misunderstood to mean, keep on taking whatever it is that is being dished out to you and this somehow makes you a better person.  I believe Gandi meant it to a means of NON VIOLENCE and I’m totally on board with that!  Turning the cheek does not mean to stay in the same place and continue to be a door-mat either.

I mean, come on!, WHY would you want to stand in one place and choose to continue being, well… “B” slapped” over and over again?  Should you FIGHT BACK??  Absolutely not because that is wasted energy being directed into what is NOT SERVING your Highest Good.  What if you, INSTEAD, turned your other cheek towards the thing you really desire and deserve?

What if you decided to become clear about what you desire and then make a move towards it, even if it is ever so small AND being WILLING to believe that the very thought itself is starting the process?  There’s probably a good chance you don’t even know what it is that you want.

Well it’s time to figure that out. It’s time to be open and receptive to allowing the good that is rightfully yours to come to you but you first have to be willing to believe that it is possible.

So often I see women start to THINK they understand this concept and they say “Okay, I can do this!  Hmmmm, let’s see….What is it that I want??”.  “How about lets start with my husband.  I want him to not be so condescending or jealous or WHATEVER….” or “I want my boss to appreciate all that I do and give me a raise” or “I want my kids to stop sassing me and just do what I ask them to do without complaining”.

You can want and desire others to change ALL DAY LONG but the fact of the matter is, you cannot change anyone else’s behaviors. Often times, this is why people give up because they think they know what they want and spend all their thoughts and energy around changing other people’s habits and behaviors to ensure their own comfort.  When really what they are focusing on, are the things they DON’T like or DON’T want in others and the Universe, being the generous and all giving Energy that it is, just keeps bringing the same thing.

The Key to changing your life is focusing your energy on what you WANT. Here’s a few examples:   I want to be in a happy, supportive, healthy relationship where complete support for each others highest good is priority.  OR – I want what I “do” to be in complete alignment with who I am and be able to utilize my God given gifts to serve the world while making at least 75k annually.

Once you can determine what you WANT then start MOVING and LEANING that direction. Do not take your eyes off what you want and the Universe will throw nuggets your way to help you easily accomplish it.  You do not have to KNOW HOW it will play out but be willing to be open, receptive and willing to accept that the Universe is your partner in getting this done.  Your job is to stay focused and watch and pay attention to the things that arrive in your space to help get you to your desired outcome.

This seems so easy but because we are programmed to do exactly opposite of this, it takes commitment, willingness and focus to change your instinctive and unhealthy patterns.

If you are really serious and need help, I strongly encourage you to find a Coach.  There’s power in this as it shows the Universe that you are willing.  I specialize in Relationship and Life Coaching and I’m happy to help.  Regardless of who you reach out to… find some support.

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Love and Light to you!

Linda Nuss
CEO of Light Me Up Ind., LLC
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