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This is so new to me

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

Blogging that is.  I love to write and seem to ponder things often in my head but to sit down with the intention of writing a blog for my website seems to give me a bit of writers block.  This whole new experience of being a Radio Show Host is also just starting to actually sink in and settle into the part of myself that actually believes it’s real.  I love this journey I’m heading into but it is really uncharted territory for me.  Completely forging ahead, without too much thought or reasoning, as to avoid being too afraid to move at all.

Isn’t that what really keeps us stuck?? Fear and not really knowing what we truly WANT.   I know it’s really what has kept me stuck.  It is the very reason I am not asking or thinking too much about what it is that I’m doing.  I know I would come up with too many excuses as why NOT to do it.  So…I liken it to the proverbial shove off the dock to learn how to swim.  Now that I’m in the water, I’m figuring it out.  What’s the saying??  Sink or swim??  I’m choosing to swim and it feels really empowering!  It might not look all that pretty in the beginning but it’s a start and I will learn.  And I will continue to get better at it.  Though I consider myself somewhat of a Free Spirit, I am coming to realize I have a side of myself that needs to feel in “control” (excuse me while I chuckle at myself – what an illusion!)  Anyhoo, I have kept myself from trying so many things because I didn’t know how to do them perfectly from the start.  I convinced myself, “once I learn it, THEN I’ll do it”.  Whatever!!!   I’ve chosen to be forgiving to myself for all the embarrassing moments I’ve had and will continue to have.  I am actually starting to understand how funny it can be when you don’t take yourself so dang seriously. You know what??  When things haven’t turned out exactly the way I thought they should turn out, it hasn’t killed me or ruined my life.  Ha – what a revelation!

We make up all these stories, and that’s truly all they are, about why we won’t try something.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have this “licked”.  I am FOR SURE a work in progress but that just means I’m alive and getting to experience things.  I truly love this life.  What a great ticket to the best ride there is.  I’m learning how to love myself deeper and more genuinely every day.  That is my wish for all of you.  I’m happy to walk the plank first if it makes it less scary for all of you.

You see…. I’m just like you. Ordinary but extraordinary! JUST LIKE YOU!