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Posted by on Jan 12, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

How would you feel if you knew you had complete power to design and create your life any way you wanted? I know, you’ve heard it over and over again and you might be thinking to yourself “Ya, whatever!  Why do I feel so miserable and feel so powerless to change anything??!
This is a year to commit to changing the way you move through your life.  No more “auto pilot”! This is strictly a “manual” operation I’m talking about here.  Does it take more focus and require being more present?  Yes, absolutely it does.  It needs your attention to be on where you are in the moment and where you want to be!

See, the problem is that we are all like computers.  We have software that is running the show.  It’s been installed by parents, society, experiences and even possibly some past life energies that we came in here with.

Rather than blame all those things I just mentioned, for feeling like your life is “less than”, let’s play a game and pretend. Let’s pretend that all of the things that have happened to you and everything that you have experienced up to this very moment, was pre-determined before you were ever even incarnated.  Remember, we’re just pretending for now…..

Let’s say that we were born into this game of life to experience a bit of EVERYTHING.  All of the possible emotions available to us to get to FEEL the contrast and then pick and choose what “feels” best to us.

This is sometimes hard to do in times of deep grief but we can always choose where to anchor ourselves.  If someone close to you dies, obviously there will be grief and some time to process this but we can also choose to feel grateful for having had them in our lives.  For all of the great experiences we had from knowing them.  I use this as an example because it’s such a powerful thing to experience and can be very devastating but there is a way to feel better faster when you choose to look at things from a feeling good perspective.

Having used loss of a loved one as an example sort of makes everything else seem a little easier to try feeling good about.  Even if you can’t find anything good from a particular experience, there are always other things you can think about that can make you feel better.  THAT’S the power I’m talking about.

We have the ability in any given moment, in any circumstance, to change how we look and feel about something.  We have the ability to find something to shift our focus in order to derail the freight train of victimization, sadness, self loathing and so on….

Make this the best year ever and choose to choose so you can enjoy the game of LIFE!

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