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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Posted by on Dec 27, 2014 in General, Happiness, Self Love, Spirituality

An 800 word essay written by Linda Nuss in 2013

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Sowing the Seeds of Love

How the process of sowing the seeds of love has changed my life for the better.

What LOVE really means to me.

The awareness of my journey began about 15 years ago.  While I won’t go into a lot of detail about how it happened (not because I’m not willing to talk about it but I only get 800 words for my story), I will say that my life basically got tipped upside down without a whole lot of warning.  Divine intervention brought some things to my attention that needed to be looked at, examined, questioned and ultimately changed if I were to function in this current life of mine to the fullest and have the impact I was intended to have.

During this time of questioning, I learned to love myself.  Simple really, one might think, but it is crazy how very few people just “do” (love themselves) and I was one of them that didn’t know what that meant.  Once I learned that my unique qualities and my purpose had a very specific place in this amazing puzzle I will call the “Whole” (just because I have to call “IT” something to convey my message) and that without “ME” the “Whole” would not be complete, my life changed and expanded beyond anything I thought possible.  Once I had my heart and head wrapped around this truth I felt a big responsibility to stay in a place of absolute honor for my Spirit and for my body that “It” cruises around in.  It took me from a set of behaviors that were driven from the “beliefs” of what I thought I “needed” to be and do to fit in, to becoming more of an embodiment of what I “knew” myself to be…. which is LOVE!

I came to understand the interconnectedness of life.  How everything is connected.  All of us are just Divine expressions of the “Whole”… individualized pieces of the “Infinite Puzzle of Life!”  It was in this discovery that I realized just how important LOVE for self is.  It is everything!  Without it there is no real authentic connection with others.  It finally clicked that if I did not or could not see myself as an individualized Spark of the Divine and truly honor myself in this way, then how could I honor others and help others to see that in themselves?

My whole life was preparing me for this transformation.  I naturally have always had amazingly kind and loving people gravitate towards me.  Most of these people, strangely enough, struggled with their own value and self love.  There was a part of me that could remember and innately knew this “Self Love” truth that I speak of but for many years, was not really consciously aware of.  I would council these beautiful Souls and try to get them to see the Light in themselves that I could see so easily.  Oh how I counciled!  How I spoke the encouraging words of Love and value and self care!

Then one day it happened!  It dawned on me I had been my own teacher all along.  Actually I had the knowledge all along and the Divine brought all these wonderful people into my life, used me as a vessel for the “Truth” to flow through so I could actually hear it myself teach it.  Holy crap!  That’s it!  If this was true for everyone else then it must be so for me too!!  I AM love, I AM light, I AM unique, I AM important, I AM worthy!  Just in that knowing and that acceptance of my own truth, I became a healthy “cell” in the body of the “Whole”.  I BECAME the love I could see in others, I became the love that I AM.

If everybody understood this truth of self love completely and lived it without question there would be peace on earth.  We would all understand that fighting, harming, criticizing, judging and hating others is an act of self destruction.  When a person practices self love, it is the most healing force that surpasses any other force available.  In sharing my encouragement with others to love themselves it deepens my own ability to go deeper in loving myself.   I strive to live authentically so that I am an example of what I encourage.

Living authentically at all costs is truly liberating and is the most loving thing we can do, not only for ourselves, but for others.  Being something you “think” you need to be to fit in is the prison and the separation from our truth that keeps us always needing more.  I will close this short essay out with a quote that came through me:

“Connection to my Spirit is the substance to everything that I am.  Everything else is just entertaining me until I am complete again.” ~  Linda Nuss