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Prayer for Dismantling Guilt and Need for Control

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

Believe it or Not

I think we all have a little part of this belief running ramped in our subconscious vault.  It’s better to call it out and desolve it rather than let it create havic in our lives.  Just an impromptu impulse to write about it.


All the guilt and control that I grew up with made me a good person!  I believe without it I would not be as good as I am today.  It is only through guilt and control that people understand right and wrong and therefore should be made to feel guilty if they do not follow the standards and beliefs that I’ve been taught to believe.  If they live without the looming guilt and are left to make their own choices they will not be as good of a person.  Therefore I will make sure they live up to MY standards and MY expectations or I will not give them my love.

Prayer for Dismantling Guilt and Need for Control

I AM LOVE therefore I cannot be anything else BUT love.  I know that I am not separate from God and that I am connected to everyone.  My feelings about life up to this point have come from outside of me because that’s all I have known.  I am starting NOW to love myself without any guilt or feeling of not being good enough.  I will connect to that deeper part of myself and all my limiting beliefs that are not serving my highest good will be dissolved.  I KNOW I AM good enough just because I AM.  I AM “being” a vessel for Gods love.  I am co-creating with this Source Energy by offering love instead of judgment and righteousness and the need to control or be controlled.  I forgive myself for forgetting who I really AM so I can begin to understand the suffering of “separation” in others and forgive.  I release judgment on myself so I can begin to release judgment on others knowing that all is in perfect order.  I will surround myself in love and everything that supports Love and open doors for others to enter through.  When I act in “LOVE” everything changes and my life is easy!  I FEEL GOOD, I’M THANKFUL for___________________________

Everything is in perfect order!!!



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