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Positive Self Talk – Positive Words Create Positive Experiences!!

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Self Help, Soul Thoughts, Spirituality

Is positive self talk something you think about?

Do you ever feel like a “chicken with your head cut off”.  (Geezo! I never really thought about how gross that expression is until just now!)  I’m going to get diverted here because this brings up an important message that’s worth talking about, so I’m going to head that direction!

How often do you say things out of sheer habit and conditioning that you don’t even think about?  Have you ever used the expression “killing two birds with one stone”!  Think about how negative both of those sayings are.  Even when you don’t intend any harm or intend negative energy to come from it, the Universe isn’t judgmental and will take whatever you say and think and give it to you.  It doesn’t judge whether it’s “good” or “bad”.  So an elevated awareness of your habitual language and thoughts, will work a lot better with The LAW of Attraction and your life experiences will improve!

It’s possible to rephrase something to be positive self talk

Pay attention to your language.  You may notice yourself saying things like “I’m so stupid”, “I can’t afford to…”, “I look like crap today” and so on.  There is a way to express yourself while using positive and affirming language.  Let me give you an example:  “I’m so stupid” could be “Wow I really learned something from this” or “I can’t afford to…” could be “I choose not to have this right now”, “Killing two birds with one stone” could be “I was a great muti-tasker today”.

You get the picture.  If you can be mindful of your language and challenge yourself to a day of positive statements, you will feel better and attract better things into your space.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Are you up for improving your life?  Paying attention to what comes out of your mouth is simple and fun way to experiment at getting better results and feeling better because of it – give it a try!

As always, thanks for your time and being the Light and Love that you are!




Okay – back to my original point…(the one I got diverted from…)

  • Have you been crazy busy trying to achieve success in your career or financial goals?
  • Do you feel like you are focused and committed and work, work, work with little results?
  • Do you wonder why everything seems to fall into place for others doing the same and wonder “what the heck am I doing wrong”?
  • Are you tired, exhausted, loosing faith and confused about how much longer you keep trying?

I think we have all been there, I know I have and that’s why I wanted to share this amazing interview that I did with with my beautiful and amazing friend, Amethyst Wyldfyre.  She graciously agreed to share some amazing insights and tools that can literally change your life!

Amethyst  will take you through the “5 Sacred Steps to Stay Sane and Successful While Serving Your Purpose for Spirit” that will help you to “LET GO of KEEPING UP”!

Here’s the link if the above box is not showing:

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Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.
~W. Clement Stone~

Positive Self Talk – Positive Words Create Positive Experiences!