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Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Spirituality

Love IS My Religion!

Just this morning I was having a conversation with my friend in Pakistan.  He told me when he first met me, which was via the internet, that he thought I was Christian.  I must look like a Christian apparently???? LOL. Anyway, he went on to tell me that he was shocked when I signed off our communication with the salutation “Namaste”.

He proceeded to ask me if I studied and followed Hinduism.  I informed him that while the process of finding my own truth seemed to take me down the path of resonating with Eastern Philosophy more than anything else, that I did not label myself with any particular “group”.  I have beliefs and truths for myself that come from all of the so called “groups”.  I told him that if I HAD to label my beliefs as anything, that I guess it would have to be LOVE.  I couldn’t even bring myself to use the word religion.  I had to say beliefs.

He proceeded to gift me a link to a website he thought had lots of good information about Peace and Love.  He did  this however,  while making sure that I didn’t think he was of the Muslim religion.  I was so ecstatic that he provided me with the opportunity to let him know I could care less whether or not he was Muslim and that he was my friend which was all that mattered to me.

Separation, Religion OR Love?

This led into a discussion about the separation that is happening all over the world.  He was brimming with anger and sadness while telling me about some of the extreme injustices that were recently taking place in his country.  In his world there is struggle and deprivation and fear.  How in that environment of a constant feeling of victimization, can one shift out that anger into a state of love?

As I spoke with him, I was acutely aware of my surroundings.  I was sitting comfortably in my office with my nice cup of tea and beautiful sunshine coming into my window.  I knew I probably have never, in my own life, known the depth of victimization that he deals with on a daily basis.  I’ve spent the last 14 years coming to terms with all my experiences that have kept me from Love (extremely minor I might add on a relative scale).  My combined experiences pail in comparison to what he and his country face on a daily basis.  I asked for Source to speak for me at this point because my mortal ego was perplexed as to what I could possibly say that would make any sense to him.

How was I going to explain to him, while sitting comfortably in my SAFE home that LOVE was the only way out of this separation?  How was I to help him understand that he must turn to that place inside of himself?  The place that is not of this world and greater than his physical body and his external “illusion”.  That he needed to do this to not only heal his heart but to heal his family, his neighbors, his country and this planet?  Was I asking the impossible?  While this did seem almost the impossible to my friend, he did understand.  He would say “you’re right”.  “I wished more people thought the way that you do”.  He understood what I meant because he could feel the truth in what I was saying even though his heart was hurting.

Are we courageous enough to believe that LOVE is more powerful than RELIGION?

The question is whether or not we are courageous enough to believe that LOVE is the most powerful force that exists.  Even more powerful than “religion“.  That defensiveness, hate, retaliation, fear and victimization are weakening forces and create more of what we are fighting against.  It takes courage to let your defenses down and replace them with love.

The feeling of vulnerability and exposure can be paralyzing when it comes to the whole religion topic especially.  Even more scary, is to choose NOT to jump on the “band wagon” of other angry people who want revenge – who don’t yet understand – and then spread that message of love.  The people that we love and are close to can actually be the MOST intimidating people to share this message with.  While the people we are close to may be wallowing in anger and resentment and victimization,  eventually they will come to realize that they FEEL better when they are around the person who IS coming from that place of LOVE.  It is then that they will begin to slowly understand.

Mahatma Gandhi was such an amazing example of what I speak of:

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

He knew that the only way to heal yourself was to be Love and to be Truth.  He understood that “Hate begets Hate” and that nothing could be healed with revenge.  What an amazing man and teacher he was!  There was not the discussion about what religion you needed to be in order to be saved, he spoke of “being the change you wanted to see in the world”.

In the end of our conversation we agreed that there is much to overcome but that it starts with us as individuals.  We must first heal ourselves with love and then work our way out.

Take notice of where the inequality might lie within your own immediate environment. Is it possible, at some level, this world’s inequality is being reflected back to you as a subtle message to treat your wife, husband, child, sister, brother, friend, neighbor, employee etc. in a more equal and respectful way??  When you start to recognize your own behaviors and prejudice’s and heal your own views that separate you from others then you can authentically come from that place of love and be part of the shift in consciousness that will change the planet forever.  It’s then and only then you can know peace.

I want to thank my friend for the opportunity to solidify this LOVE RELIGION of mine and to deepen my own conviction and dedication to Loving Awareness.  My love goes out to him and his country and to all those who live in fear and lack.  My heart overflows with LOVE for PEACE and I sit in GRATITUDE for my life!

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Much Love and as always….Namaste!

Linda Nuss