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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

Liberty in the Woman's HeartTo demonstrate LIBERTY, drop all negative thoughts from the mind.  Do not dwell upon adversity but think plenty into everything, for there is power in the WORD.  Meditate on the things you are doing as being already done – complete and perfect. ~ Earnest Holmes pg 488 The Science of Mind

Are you leaning into what you want or focusing on the failing attached outcome you’ve so willingly given yourself to?  This is something that is so ingrained in us as a society.  We want so badly to believe we are in control and we hang on so tightly to how we THINK things should play out.
Are you guilty of watching the people in your life, disappoint you – over and over again? For instance, when they behave in ways you KNOW to be rude, inconsiderate or just complacent?  You are so ATTACHED to how you think they should behave and justify your annoyance by thinking or saying – “it’s just plain RUDE, there is no excuse for that kind of behavior”.  Maybe, you express your annoyance enough that they apologize and things settle down only to have that same interaction again sometime down the road????

I’ve got news for you. This is not about them, it is about you and your attachment to what you think your relationship is with them.  Sorry if that sounds kind of harsh but I really want to help give you a new perspective.

The fact may be, that who you think you’re dealing with, or who you want to believe your dealing with, may not be a very conscious person.  Not to judge, as they too, are on their journey and it is not for you to decide how they “should be”.

The question is this:  Is their behaviors and belief systems in alignment with yours?  And can you deal with the ones that aren’t?  Simple as that.  Trust me when I say, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEM.

This leaves you with making choices (albeit, sometimes hard ones) about what you WANT and in order to support that, WHAT IS and IS NOT okay in your space and then MOVE TOWARDS WHAT IS!

I use relationships as an example in describing LIBERTY but it applies to anything that is not going the way you THINK it should.  Always allow the life force within you, to flow through the thing you are working towards and then allow it to be DONE for you.  The Universe knows how it should play out and only needs you to think about what you WANT. It (The Universe) will present opportunities, people, ideas that in just the right time and place to make it happen!

From my heart to yours!

Linda Nuss
Light Me Up Ind., LLC
[email protected]