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Letting go ~ Staying present ~ Let God worry about the “how”

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in General, Happiness, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality

Why is letting go so difficult?

It never ceases to amaze me how often I get reminded, by unseen turn of events, different anticipated outcomes and often times, just flat out struggle, that I’m really not the one in charge here!  I attempt to “map” out my road ahead when I set out to accomplish something and time and time again, have a feeling of frustration when things just don’t ever seem to go as easy as I think they should.  When all I need to be doing is letting go!

Why is letting go so hard, when letting go and letting God could make life so much more Divine?

I forget that actually being present and staying in the moment  during the activity of the present moment, is really the only real thing that exists.  Instead I trudge ahead of myself… always 3, 4, 5 steps ahead of anything that has actually had the chance to even manifest yet.  Why is letting go so hard when letting go and letting God could make life so much more Divine?

Recently I got the best advice from my niece, who has been helping me put together a resume.  Yes, I said resume.  Let me first clue you in to what’s been going on and then I’ll get back to the great advice she gave me.  I have had a revelation of sorts (more accurately it’s been Divine Intervention suggesting that I explore this idea of getting my resume “out there”) and as I said, it’s amazing how, if you let it, the desire of the Universe will lead you down a path you least expected.  I’m happy to report this has been quite an amazing awakening for me and will be, for sure, quite interesting.  Honestly, however, I’m having to acclimate to this new idea and turn of events, as this is not at all what I HAD IN MIND FOR MYSELF!  Apparently, Spirit has other plans for me.  So…..I will flow down this river of possibilities with as little resistance as possible and see where I go.  Fortunately I understand that one shouldn’t “aimlessly” jump in a river and hope for the best.  There is a skill and a higher level of consciousness needed to this “floating down river” experience in order to truly know and work with the Source Energy that is behind it all.  It will require me to keep my feet in front of me, pay attention, navigate the obstacles as strategically as possible and know when it’s time to swim ashore.

I will spare you ALL the details of it and get back to the great advice I was speaking of…..  So here I am, a Spiritually “Guided” Life-Relationship Coach and  Radio Show Host which I don’t anticipate will change.  I have also been a small business owner for the past 12 years but just recently sold the business on July 1st.  Here’s where it gets interesting because what I THOUGHT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN after the business sold,  is going to play out a bit differently than what I had in mind.  I’m quite sure about this now.  So in this unfamiliar territory of having to actually write down ALL of my skills, which (I’m not bragging) but they are many, I found myself overwhelmed by even knowing how to “label” myself.  UGGG!  I’m not fond of labels!  With all of my past experience, my skill base is sooo wide and varied.  Wasn’t sure where or to whom I should even submit it!  So I called my niece.  She is a queen manifester and can literally (excuse the expression) pull things out of her butt!  Especially in the way of re-inventing herself, over and over again.  Not to mention she is incredibly bright!

I was whining about how was I going to find the “right” fit for myself if I couldn’t even define myself in a narrow enough description to look for something specific.  I feel BIGGER than a “description” or a “label” and quite frankly, was at a loss.   Are you starting to get the picture of someone in an ocean of possibilities but can’t decide on the perceived “safest” thing to grab on to?  So DRUM ROLL PLEASE……. She says to me.  “You are WAY ahead of yourself Aunt Linda.  (REALLY??? LOL)  The only thing you should be focusing on is putting all of your skills down in this resume, we’ll pick a title that will get the most attention and you will let the opportunities come to YOU!”.  She said “don’t even try to write your story about how you think it should play out because if I’ve learned anything at all, it’s this…..No matter how and what you think will happen, it most likely won’t happen the way you plan it anyway.  You may be limiting yourself to incredible possibilities.  Just let it come to you.”

Now let me tell you…..  This isn’t something that I haven’t coached others on repeatedly, but it showed me how much more valuable I can be for others if I can deepen this within myself.  Guess there’s a lot more room for growth.  Even though I know this, it’s easier to look outside myself to help guide others in their quest but what it comes down to is really deepening my own, rock solid sense of self and flat out FAITH in order to REALLY SERVE OTHERS!

I somehow have sensed this will be, no doubt, another unveiling of TRUTH for me.  Forever expanding and widening my limiting beliefs about “what is” or who I “need” to be.   Knowing my own perfection, listening to the gentle whispers of Source and having the courage to go down a path that IT reveals to me that I wouldn’t have initially chosen for myself.  Letting go fully into the knowledge that it will be done.  Staying in the present moment and being aware of the power of the Source within me.  I know that in doing this, it has historically brought me blessings beyond measure or anything I could have conjured up for myself.  I’m told I’m here to help the “unexpected” as well as the “seekers” and just live my passion for allowing Source to flow through me no matter what my daily tasks are.  In other words, Source is in everything and is everywhere whether I’m performing as a “coach” or functioning in a “job”.  It doesn’t matter the “where” or the “what”, it’s the allowing and seeing the opportunity in ALL of life, not just the parts we think are important.  The Energy ITSELF is moving me in the direction to “JUST BE” and that is enough.  All else will follow the natural flow in that river of life I spoke of AND, WILL NO DOUBT, DELIVER ITSELF TO ME ON THE SHORE OF MY DREAMS.

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We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it.  But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday’s burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.  ~ John Newton

 Letting go ~ staying present ~ Let God worry about the “how”

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