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Is “Unconditional Love” the New High?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Self Love, Soul Thoughts, Spirituality

unconditional love“Unconditional Love”… the new high

Feeling contemplative this morning as I review my previous weekly encounters with folks that I am helping and building relationships with at my job.  I learn so much about myself, love, truth and connection from these people that I am so blessed and honored to interact with.  It has been an interesting and unfolding expansive personal experience since I started my job helping folks struggling with homelessness or at least at high risk of becoming homeless.  This has brought all sorts of walks of life into my path with not one single perfect “recipe” that got them there.  Sure, there are certainly common threads like addiction, poor choices, legal issues and a cocktail of various other circumstances that may have led to their current situation, but some aren’t as cut and dry, black and white as it seems.  Some it’s a major string of bad luck, health issues, heart brake and more.  Regardless, without exception, they all are suffering.

The thing I see when each of these people step into my office is the person, in the moment, wanting to find their way back “home”.  They are searching for a way to improve their current situation in ways they feel will get them back on track with things such as “employment”, “money”, “security”, “housing” and just overall survival beyond just literally trying to stay alive.  What some of them end up getting is so much more should they be ready and I be guided and used in such a way to create real change.  When this happens I end up getting the opportunity to open and love them unconditionally and not be afraid to do so.

It’s a rush and it’s addicting because it’s who I am at my core, it’s who we all are at our core… unconditional love.

This sort of thing can be a bit tricky because not too many people really understand unconditional love beyond the logical explanation of what unconditional love looks like.  Even people with good intentions can get confused by this powerful thing called LOVE.  What does it mean? The first unconscious question that eventually interrupts the flow of unconditional love is how can it be labeled so that it can be understood.  It often feels a bit scary and uncontrollable even for the individual that logically understands the meaning of unconditional love.  Unconditional love is not to be understood by the mind but rather the heart.  It requires a deep connection to the greater part of ourselves where labels and separation does not exist.  It requires a constant checking in with that part of ourselves to not get lost in the magnitude of the power it holds.  It takes focus and dedication and commitment to the highest and most sacred energy behind it to ultimately have it manifest in Divine ways and a healthy and expansive outcome.

I truly believe that the path I have chosen over the years has slowly and inconspicuously led me to be exactly where I am, doing what I am doing.  I am constantly checking my ego and inviting my Higher Self to continue to use me to do the work, to love perfectly and create an environment where I can teach those I work with, how to love without expectation, how to be in alignment with their true nature and feel safe being kind and compassionate.  How to practice having a loving relationship that is healthy and means nothing more than pure connection.  No chance of romance, not even a guarantee of a long lasting friendship, simply a deep loving connection that happens on a equal “playing field” in the “now”.  The “playing” field of infinite oneness.  What a gift that is being shown to these unsuspecting individuals.  What an amazing way for Source/God/”the Law” to show up.  What is so cool about it is that the very first thing that takes place is the message they get that THEY are okay.  That THEY are important.  That THEY are Divine and perfect and the sooner they remember this the faster they can get their life changed around.  The message that all they have to do to move forward is, at the very least, accept that the possibility exists that they are important JUST because they exist.  Nothing more and nothing less.  The rest lies in the power of the unconditional love that will soon follow.  Yes, somebody loves them just because.  Some stranger, some lady who doesn’t know them from “Adam” loves them.  Not because they are told this but because they just know, somehow they just know.  There is no warning for me either when this is about to take place, which makes it magical and so out of my capacity to ever plan such an intervention.  What a gift I’m given to be witness to this and be used in such a way that I get to be a “circuit” for this blissful and amazing energy and connection of unconditional love to manifest through.  These are by far the most intense and pure relationships I get to be a part of and witness.  They are miracles!

Some of these lovely Beings that I connect with have either never experienced a healthy relationship or have forgotten what one feels like (likely the first) and often have really not ever experienced safe love.  Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure I even know too many people who most would consider to be healthy, that understand what a truly healthy relationship is.  Most have unconscious expectations from all their relationships whether they be with family, friends or lovers.  There’s an unconscious need, give and take and attachment of some sort.  I know because I have those in my own life as well and while I can usually see the underlying attachments, I have them none the less.  I must say though that because of my awareness, I have incredible people and relationships in my life.  The healthier they have gotten, the more I have been free to love unabashedly (not recklessly), but fully as “myself” and fully communicate clearly about why someone may love me while not even really knowing much about me.  I show them how to love themselves, the “truth” about themselves and when I show up vulnerable and authentic it allows them the freedom to do the same.  THAT is liberation and freedom.  THAT is the reason they come back.  Not being defined by their past and by allowing them to show up in this NEW DAY, in this NEW MOMENT and choose something different without judgement, allows the freedom to start feeling okay again and to explore this new world of being in alignment with who they truly are, which is Divine perfection and then work from that place out verses trying to fix everything from the outside in.  This is so powerful!

I get to literally love unconditionally with those who allow and respond to it.  For those who aren’t sure why and are drawn to something that feels so right but so out of the norm, for those who are willing to explore and follow the newly found natural high that heals the addictions, that heals the self disgust, that heals the feeling of powerlessness into something powerfully creative.  They follow, though not completely understanding why, other than to know that it feels right.  They begin to understand that it is not a relationship that can easily be labeled or described without the risk of cheapening it.  They follow because there is something so much greater than the “relationship” taking place.  Something so powerful, it literally reaches into the depths of their Soul through the crack that has been opened by this love, by this interaction.

There needs NOT to be a plan with these encounters as they will evolve in the most perfect way.  The connection that is formed is permanent and powerful and there is no need on a physical level to access it at all.  The “Oneness” that is solidified by these connections will forever, infinitely remain in tact and will be felt on ALL levels of experience, whenever and wherever needed.  Even in the perceived separation of this human experience.  There will always be a subtle or maybe not so subtle knowing of oneness between me and them.  Our Souls have a contract that needed to be tended to in their own unique way.  My heart feels so full as I write this though I’m not sure these words will ever convey the beauty.  I am deeply grateful for being chosen for such a transaction.  I’m not sure why exactly but I surrender to the fact that I don’t really need to know and I no longer question it.

Trust me when I say this has nothing to do with me, you know…the physical “me”, other than being a willing pawn/participant in the plan of Infinite Divine Love.  Call it God, Buddha, Alla, Bubba…call “It” whatever you want, whatever feels comfortable.  It’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and it is completely intoxicating.  It is truly the new high of the coming age.  It is the shift and the evolution of the “ALL”.  It’s “Source” evolving and experiencing Itself through humanity.  It’s friggen amazing is what “IT” is!!

Told ya, it’s definitely my “new high”.  It just keeps getting better the more I surrender to “It”, trust “It” and honor “It” in such a pure and authentic way.  It keeps getting better the more I understand how to just BE It”.

Namaste! ♥



Is “Unconditional Love” the New High?