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Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality


Do you ever wonder where you get your ideas on how to move forward with any single decision?  Do you even know who’s at the door of your thoughts before you let them in?  Honestly, have you ever stopped to think about it?  I mean, your ideas have to come from somewhere.  Have you ever considered that maybe when you move through your day you operate from a place of “that’s what you’ve done before” so that’s how you’ll do it again sort of thing?


It’s bizarre how little thought we give to our thoughts!  The thoughts that choose what will happen next for us based on our “reaction” about what’s happening.  I like the word I just used – reaction.  That’s what most of us spend our days doing….REACTING that is.  Unless you have a lifestyle that switches the environment and has many different things that happen every single day, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have pretty “regular” days, doing the same things, involving the same people in the same environment.  We get into our little routines and basically fly on autopilot.  We end up spending our days “reacting” rather than consciously choosing in each new unfolding moment.


WHAT IF we could be conscious every minute of the day.  Can you imagine what your life might look like???  Oh my gosh!!  How fabulous it could be to be so present and in the now that choices became like candy.  Many different flavors, colors and, of course, tastes.  We could literally become conscious creators in our lives!!! Savoring all the possibilities and optional outcomes!  I can only imagine what that would be like because even being a relatively conscious person myself, I do not pull it off 24/7 (not even close).  The good news is that we all have the option to choose consciously and choose to be more aware.  There’s absolutely nothing stopping us but our own self destructive behaviors.


Choosing to be aware is the key to creating.  It’s all you need to start.  It will open the treasure chest of life and all the gems that are locked inside!  Then asking for Divine assistance and opening your heart to receive it.  To create change in your life you must first recognize your ability to choose in the moment what you will do and create what comes next rather than just reacting.


If you want to stimulate this consciousness then start by switching up the mundane things you do every day.  Brush your teeth with your other hand.  Put your clothes on in the opposite order.  Blow your hair dry first instead of make up if you normally do your make up first.  I’ve got an idea for you – the second you wake up say a prayer of gratitude and connect to your higher Self.  (If you already do that then I don’t recommend a different order on that one).  Anyway, who wouldn’t want to run their day more consciously?  First becoming aware that you are probably mostly unaware is a start.  Then implementing the “switching it up thing” is a great tool to shake things up a bit.  Far be it from me to assume I know what you need but I offer all my advice as “food for thought” that I feel is worth mentioning.

Thanks for listening and letting me share!  It makes MY life more meaningful!!

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