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How to trust again in Divine Source

Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in General, Positive Thinking, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality


As I surrender into trust, just being and allowing I seem to accomplish more.

It’s weird how it works. What is trust really?  We can understand the definition of trust but do we really get it?  It’s never the easiest thing to trust that what I want and what I allow Spirit to handle for me, will be so. I preach it all day long in my life, relationships and coaching. I convince myself that I believe it, but that little voice inside my head just keeps bringing up all my deeply ingrained beliefs about “how it REALLY” is. Just like that my trust goes out the window!  Like the idea that you can’t just sit on a couch and expect things to show up OR nothing really good comes easy. Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly have experienced the amazing transformation that can come from completely surrendering, letting go and allowing myself to trust. My most profound shifts have come from doing so. I think what happens though, is that the more I “live” my life with true connection, that when I go to peel back the continued layers of conditioning (which will be never ending), that it requires me to trust at even deeper levels than before. It’s like I’m always going to have to CHOOSE this for myself. Choosing is, after all, the equivalent of being conscious and the only way to truly trust. Just because I’m a coach and I speak this language all day long every day, doesn’t let me off the hook.

I have recently had to shut myself up for a while (and I don’t mean for daily one hour meditations). I have retracted from FaceBook, Blogging, Coaching and the whole environment of “talking” about Spiritual Self Love to check in with myself on how deeply I’m actually vibrating these concepts. Turns out, in the efforts of “working towards” my desires and dreams, well….that’s all I have ended up doing…. is working.
what is trust
definition of trust

I’m coming to an even deeper realization that I’m IN the dream of what I want RIGHT NOW! Understanding that I just have to bask in the reality of it and KNOW that it’s just so perfect…. so perfectly in order! Last week I caught myself “not believing fully” after practicing, what I believe to be (or so I thought), the absolute way to create my life the way I want it.  Let me describe to you this practice:  I first accepted and acknowledge that there is probably some unknown shadow beliefs that linger within me, that could be stopping the flow of what I most want. I then accepted these beliefs with love and then lovingly accepted letting them go and as I released them and I said “and SO IT IS”. Then I stated what I wanted and gave thanks that it was available, on it’s way to me at that very moment and it would show up upon my acceptance and belief that it would, and then said “and SO IT IS”.

Instantly I knew it was the Universe/Spirit saying to me “Do you trust me or not???!!!

Ahhhh, how wonderful to just know that it was done! That’s it, no fuss, no muss, just that simple. I really felt it deeply…. at least for a minute or two that is. I confidently got up went straight to my computer and immediately started doing my part to make all that I had just asked for, happen. Well, to make a long story short (oh wait – it’s too late for that! LOL) I sat down to write a blog, did it in a program that wasn’t very stable and even though I knew it was a bad idea, I convinced myself it would be fine. Then…Poof….it was gone. One hour of time spent, my blog somehow didn’t save and I didn’t have a copy. So I got up, instantly knew it was the Universe/Spirit saying to me “Do you trust me or not???!!! You just told me what you wanted and then you immediately start doing what you “think” you need to do to have it happen”.

So, I decided to call my friend, we had lunch and I chose to spend two hours with her while she ran her errands. I told her that it would be the most productive two hours of my day because I was going to let the “Professional” handle my life for me. She laughed but I was serious. That day was such a great day for me because there was a clear message that it’s okay to trust. You’re not an idiot if you trust. When I returned home I had a couple of emails in my box that had some incredible opportunities that were in complete alignment with what I had asked for.

I learned that the trust has to come first and that cooperation with what that trust can bring forth, is all that is necessary. Still a little perplexed, although excited, I still needed SOMETHING, ANYTHING to tell me or explain to me how much action is actually needed. There still was the part of me that felt a little uncomfortable with all of this. So I put it out there once again to Spirit, I know the answer I need is on it’s way, and SO IT IS!

Low and behold, the very next day as I was finding a video link off of YouTube that I was going to share with someone, I accidentally came across another video by Esther Hicks with a message from Abraham that was exactly what I needed to hear. I’ll share the video now. This is where I will start to end this blog because the message in this video was so clarifying for me that I wanted to share with you in hopes that if this is something that you question as well, that you feel a bit more at peace.

I believe we all struggle to trust when our outer world can seem so unstable and scary at times. This is when we need to trust the most though. When I “remember who I really am” and know that I am not separate from Source/Spirit/God and that I have the same ability to create as that magnificent and beautiful Energy we call Source/Spirit/God, I know peace in that moment. That is my deepest hope for you as well.  Know your Divine power and beauty and live in peace and TRUST my dear friend!

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“The only reason it is not coming is because of the vibrational contradictions located within you. It has not got anything to do with whether you work or do not work. It’s all about the story you are telling. It’s all about the story you are telling and the way you feel when you tell it.”

Abraham ~ Esther Hicks

Do You Trust Me Or Not??