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Posted by on Feb 5, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships


Valentines Day is around the corner and while I’m not a big “holiday” kind of person, I will give it credit for, at the very least, making LOVE be a conscious part of our day.  The thing that drives me crazy about it though is, shouldn’t everyday be special?  Shouldn’t everyday be an opportunity to show the person we love…. well…..that we love them???  The idea of the obligation of flowers, candy, sex (had to throw that last one in to see if you were paying attention) or whatever way one chooses to profess their love, seems to take away the authenticity  in it, at least for me it does.


I know for some of you women out there that this is a BIG day!  One of the few times a year that you get some extra attention and signs of “effort” from you’re “lover’.  It probably makes your man feel good to show you his affection in a “special” way as well (after he’s gotten over the pain of having to try to figure out what to surprise you with).  I know I’m sounding cynical here but why can’t we make time to do these special things randomly throughout the year?  When there isn’t any obligation attached?  You know how much more meaningful that would be and FEEL??


Life has us going at such a warp speed these days that it feels more like a couple of months has gone by since the last Valentines Day rather than a year.  We can get so out of touch with the important things in our lives… like EACH OTHER and force ourselves into the societal patterns that end up governing the most precious things in our lives – OUR RELATIONSHIPS.  The retail stores giving us our Que that it’s time to pay attention to our partners and make them feel special.


I guess whatever works to make SURE that it happens at least a couple of times of year with this holiday or that holiday.  One could see the benefits from that point of view I guess but  Man!  if that’s the case, we have SO lowered our standards.  Love is so important!  I actually think I would have less of a problem with the Valentines Day thing if it were a reminder to LOVE THYSELF for at least a day.  If it encouraged Self Love because THEN, I think it would attract the authentic love into our lives on a more regular basis from our partners (and all the people in our lives for that matter).


Valentines is okay in my book if it’s an ADDITIONAL day to show your love, not the ONLY day.  My point is this – show the person you love, that you love them… EVERYDAY.  You can do this a million different ways with things such as a short neck rub, a really nice long heart felt hug, a tender kiss on each cheek, make them their breakfast, get up an refill their coffee for them or something along those lines.  Simple, free and powerful.  Every now and then it’s nice to be surprised with flowers, candy or an unexpected “romantic rendezvous”!


I’m all about the LOVE!  SELF LOVE, first and foremost, and then awesome relationship LOVE (it’s the bomb!) – I know because I’m blessed to be in a relationship that supports each others HIGHEST GOOD and LOVE comes very naturally and freely from that.  I feel special everyday because I get to and I choose to.  Simple as that.  He does the same and it allows us to appreciate each other in a way that leaves us both feeling special to each other on a daily basis.


Do it everyday though!  It’s wonderful to be mindful of the ones we love and enjoy the amazing connection that comes out of that!  Share your heart everyday with the one you love.  Choose to make it a priority and enjoy the benefits it brings to the relationship!!

Love and Light to you always!


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