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Expand and Contract! Surf the waves!

Posted by on Jan 4, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

It’s interesting the polarity of it alll.  Letting go and completely trusting is the most amazing gift that is available to us all and should be the easiest thing to do, yet it’s not.  It’s the hardest because of our ego and it’s need to keep us safe, we don’t let go.

That is where all of our pain comes from – the resistance to completely surrendering to Source.  That is part of the journey though, part of our Souls evolution.

We constantly have the freedom to creatively choose to expand and connect, retract and be human, expand and connect, retract and be human.  Like the breath or the ocean tide.

When we are expanding we have this feeling of ease and movement, riding the wave so to speak.  When we contract we are left to paddle and swim towards the direction of what we want until we are open enough to receive and ride the next wave.

It’s all perfect and whether or not you completely release, let go and trust Source, everything is in perfect order because it’s through the struggles that you have the opportunity to expand and evolve.

Whenever I’m coaching and it’s generally relationship coaching, it always comes back to trusting that it’s all in perfect order.  The “ebb and the flow” of it all.  We cannot change anything outside of ourselves until we first consciously realize what we focus on.

When we become conscious about choosing our thoughts towards what we want and what we are grateful for, rather than the things that we don’t want and are bringing us pain, it is then and only then, that we  can manifest what we truly desire.

My desire is for all of you to know your own power and beauty.  Love yourself and every part of your experiences.  Allow Source to experience itself, in you, as you and for you!



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