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Ernest Holmes – Science of Mind Review

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Science, Spirituality

I Live In Changeless Reality!

Science of Mind perspective by Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes
is someone who has added great value to my life.  It’s kind of interesting because there were many years that I was living the Science of Mind philosophy but really didn’t have any guidelines or language for it.  I just “knew” that this particular way of life  felt right to me.  I was no longer willing to let others tell me what was right or wrong or what to believe and I started really listening to my own truth by paying attention to what “felt” right.  I love that any path or religion someone may believe in is part of this perspective!!

Ernest Holmes, New Thought and Science of Mind philosophy!

Turns out, that TRUTH is universal.  I found this out when I stumbled on the Science of Mind philosophy.  It was everything I was experiencing and believing for myself.  I was elated to finally feel a part of something larger than myself.  It provided me with a language to describe and share what I was coming to accept and embrace as MY own truth.  Not that I was out preaching or trying to convince anyone to change their own beliefs about the deeper meaning in things.  In fact, that’s what I love about the Science of Mind philosophy is that it truly IS a philosophy and a way of life.  It includes all religions and all people.  The main message of religious science is UNITY and ONENESS!  Thanks to Ernest Holmes, I finally felt truly understood and was able to further embrace, cultivate and continue to strengthen my connection to that “All Knowing, Omnipresent energy” that exists in, around and through everything.

Science of Mind and Ernest Holmes bring the Science and Religion, or for me – Spirituality, together.  There is no, one or the other.  While not everything rings true for everybody in whatever path they may be taking, you will find that your own truth will remain and ring true across the board.  If you can live and let live.

In the below video, I read the prayer “I Live In Changeless Reality”.  You can find this in the book by Ernest Holmes called, “Creative Ideas ~ A spiritual compass for personal expression”.  I speak about what it means to embrace that changeless part of yourself.  Take a look!

You can find the “Creed” of Science of Mind, called “What We Believe – Science of Mind”,  on wikipedia to give you a very simple understanding of this new thought philosophy.

“Ernest Holmes ~ What We Believe – Science of Mind”

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Many Blessings and Love and Light to you!


Science of Mind ~ Ernest Holmes Review