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Did that Bomb Disturb Your Peace?

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Positive Thinking, Relationships, Self Love, Spirituality

Did that Bomb Disturb Your Peace?


World peace doesn't take a bombIf I were to ask you if you would love to see peace on earth, what would your answer be?  I know what mine would be…. YES, of course!  It struck me the other night as I was watching “The Amazing Race” (one of my guilty pleasures), how we often look so far outside of ourselves when it comes to wishing, hoping or doing anything about helping to create the whole “peace on earth” concept.  Let me explain….

One of the “legs” the teams had to make was in Japan at one of the Hiroshima bombing sites.  I will get back to that in a minute but I have to paint the scene for you that precluded this particular experience they had in Hiroshima.

The four final teams consisted of three couples and one set of friends.  For the most part the two guy friends got along an cooperated well.  The did get a bit snappy under some incredibly high stress situations but had a basic respect for one another.  The other three teams were couples, both married and dating.  Through the entire show they berated each other, disrespected one another, called each other names, talked over one another, told each other to shut the f*%! up (a lot) and bizarrely enough, would hug and kiss when, in the end, they weren’t eliminated.  I promise I have a point to all of this!

So they all were racing frantically to get to the next clue located at the bombing site.  As they were making their way there, they were being mean to each other and to the other teams, seemingly feeling like this was going to get them there faster.  They all ended up arriving at basically the same time.  When they did arrive there was a stillness among them.  Almost as though somebody hit a pause button.  You could visibly see and definitely sense that being there for them was having a profound impact on them.  It seemed surreal and as a witness to them witnessing this, it really came through that they indeed had a level of compassion and love for humanity.  They appeared to have a look on their faces of disbelief that something like this could have happened.  That such a lack of respect for human life could have caused this ultimate end goal of destruction and life.

That is when it hit me that, like so many, they failed to see peace in themselves – in their relationships and to the person they spend their lives so intimately with.  How could this be?  Why is it that we can so easily see and feel the lack of peace and the profound effects of destruction when we cannot even see it in our own lives.  When we are living it daily with the people we love, the people we work with, the people we pass on the street or the person who makes a mistake and pulls in front of us in our cars?  Where is our sense of peace, compassion and love for one another in our daily lives.  Beyond this, and most importantly of all, where is the profound and deep love for ourselves that allows us to see the Divinity in others?  Where I ask you, is it?

I know it’s there, but we’ve forgotten.  It’s there when we feel or sense peace and compassion for someone  who is suffering or who has been wronged.  It’s there when we are so far removed from the situation and a broader view is available. It’s there when we are a safe enough distance away to open our hearts and “feel” without the risk of suffering ourselves.  As I sat there and watched the screen on the TV, I saw the compassion and sadness in their eyes and in there faces but where was it in their relationships?  All those weeks they spent together working towards even the SAME goal while playing the game?  Where was it??? 

The message was so clear and so profound and driven home for me once again… that it starts with us as individuals.  The message of understanding our own Divinity and being completely and utterly immersed in remembering who we REALLY are. The message that we are not only one with the Divine, but that we are also individual Divine expressions of IT.  If we only understood that in this realization we are able to know what unity and oneness really is so that we may know one another in the same light.  If we only honored each other as a Divine expression of the TRUTH, what would the world start to look like?  More peace perhaps?

I wanted to reach through the TV screen and scream “DON’T YOU SEE IT STARTS WITH YOU”???!!  Be nice to yourself, be kind and respectful to those around you, especially the ones that you hold near and dear to your heart!  But I couldn’t (reach through the TV that is) so I am writing this blog instead!

Peace starts right where we stand, in the moment of recognizing of how truly Divine we are, just because “we are”!  So the message here once again, is to LOVE yourself so that loving others purely and deeply is possible.  It starts within and ripples out.  It starts with awareness.  It starts with us as individuals.  In an instant, if we all understood simultaneously this truth, there would no doubt be peace on earth!

With all my heart I wish you love and fullness of self – expression.  You are Divine and a critical part of the “whole”.  Love yourself and those around you.  Respect life and be authentic.  One day we will know peace!


~Linda Nuss~

“Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.”

~Robert Fulghum~


 Did that Bomb Disturb Your Peace?