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Spiritual Poetry

Winter Solstice – “I Am Awake” Poetry for Winter Solstice Holiday

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 2 comments

I Am Awake! – Winter Solstice poem

I Am Awake ~ No Longer am I not enough!

(Winter Solstice poetry by Linda Nuss)

By:  Linda Nuss

As the darkness gets deep, deep as it goes, my Soul lies still in this hibernation of sorts.  In this dark restful state, my dreams of lack and sadness are right at the surface, so close to entering into the Light.

Will I remember them as I stretch and move and slowly awaken to my new reality?  Will I take those dreams of struggle and self doubt and raise them up with me to reveal themselves to the Light?  Or will they lay dormant for another cycle to veil the parts of my Soul and keep me in the shadows of darkness?

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I AM Complete in Every Way

Posted by on Nov 20, 2011 in Affirmative Prayer, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Self Help, Self Love, Soul Thoughts, Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 0 comments

I Am Complete in Every Way!

This is an amazing affirmative prayer (I came across on YouTube) created with the Science of Mind Philosophy energy.  I find it to be uplifting and empowering and most definitely wanted to share.  Close your eyes, open your heart and hear deeply.  With loving intention – enjoy! ~ Linda


You don’t have to try to be anything but yourself to be COMPLETE!

The only reason you feel you have to try so hard is because you don’t really believe you are complete and perfect at your very core.  If you trusted that you are complete with every ounce of your being, life would unfold in the most amazing way!

Being Human is part of believing that we are not COMPLETE

Don’t get down on yourself.  We are all on the path and the journey towards being complete.  A never ending and infinite journey as our perfection is endless.  Just enjoy the journey and hold the space for the feeling of being complete to exist!

Love and Blessings and of course, a complete knowing of your goodness!

Make sure to check out the Great Resource Tab at the top to discover whole new possibilities for feeling complete!

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HEY WARRIOR!! – Yes I’m talking to you!

Posted by on Jun 5, 2011 in Positive Thinking, Self Help, Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 0 comments


Standing strong against the storm of life and the happenings both in the heart and the external

Witnessing all that seems to be “happening” while recognizing your part in its creation

Standing still in the swirling debris of your mind, being the observer of what’s flying around you, seemingly standing in the eye of the storm

Reacting to only what is to be the message of it all, by embracing the chaos, observing, observing

Staying in the power of the knowing ~ staying still in the eye ~ feet planted solid into the earth

Allowing no one, no thing, no illusion to pull you from the expansive WARRIOR that you are

Patience to know that if you wait, observe and be still long enough, that the chaos remains outside of you, only to collapse in on itself as you remain a WARRIOR

Poem Written By:  Linda Nuss (Picture – compliments of Google Images)

Love and Light to you all!



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The Bridge….

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Happiness, Self Help, Self Love, Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 0 comments

There is a bridge to wherever we want to go ~ to whoever we want to be ~ AND whatever we wish to see. It beckons us in our dreams and shows itself to us behind our eyes. We can feel it’s subtle calling in the shadows of our thoughts. Where it leads us is not for us to know ~ only that it offers a path for which we can choose to take. It’s calling us to lighten up our heart to illuminate it’s presence ~ offering a way to cross over the struggle of our separation ~ offering us a way “home” to the LOVE of who we truly are. ♥♥ Linda Nuss

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