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Self Help

Change Your Life In An Instant!

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality | 0 comments

Change Your Life In An Instant!

Hope you are having a great day (or evening depending on where you live)!  I’m feeling so inspired by the notion of what powerful Beings we are! How at any given moment you can choose to change your life! Even though I’m “generally” aware of this “most of the time”, there are moments and maybe even sometimes days where I feel it so deeply.

To think we have the power to change, to literally shift our world, our lives, in an instant! – is just friggen amazing!  All it takes is a willingness, a desire and commitment to be mindful of what it is we want and then move towards that. When we quit with all of the excuses and the resistance and then surrender to the idea that choosing for our highest good can ONLY bring you what you need, AMAZING things will start to happen and show up in your space!
This desire to change your life, be at peace and let go of the struggle is something that I think  everybody wants, but how willing are you to implement new patterns into your life to activate and experience peace and ease?  Are you willing to devote time in your day to connect to the power that is WITHIN you and work with it, or is your outer world just too convincing that it has your back?

How to change your life!

My guess is that it’s not (your outer world that is) but you might be scared to let go in order for a life change.  Your outer world is what you have created with your thoughts and beliefs about life and yourself, so it is logical that even though you may not feel at peace, you think you are safe.  Not letting go of your creations, even if they are not serving you, even if they feel heavy, even if they make you feel victimized, frustrated, angry, sad and LESS THAN, is sadly what keeps us stuck and unable to really change your life!  Do you refuse to let things go? Do you continue to try to gain your peace and happiness through changing your outer circumstances by trying fill the gaps in your world so you can be at peace?  Does it feel like a never ending battle that exhausts you?  Let me reassure you that you have the power to change, you have the ability to change your life in this moment!

Oh…. Trust me when I say, that it’s all in perfect order.  Don’t beat yourself up if any of that really resonated with you because we all ebb and flow in this eternal deepening of our Connection while trying to understand why our lives are the way they are.

Being Open and Willing to Change Your Life!

That’s the beauty and the joy in it all though.  Where there is suffering there is separation.  So the answer is to CONNECT.  When I say that “in an instant”, today I’ll call it “FAST ACTION THOUGHT”, you can at least decide that you want to understand more about CONNECTING to your Source.  You can begin by asking yourself the question “how can I change my life” and then follow it up by stating very clearly “I want to change my life”!  Choose to be open to the tools and insights that can guide you to your OWN TRUTH, to your own ANSWERS THAT ARE ALREADY WITHIN YOU.  The difference NOW is that you move forward understanding it from this perspective and you participate in the creation of your life rather than feel like a cow being herded to it’s death.
The plethora of emotions and experiences we get to have in the human existence is such a spicy treat!  So what I would ask you to do, if you are ready and want to find peace and ease in your life, is to just decide, in this moment that you are open and receptive to change your life and to be open to what shows up in your space that can help guide you and support you in your journey.
I AM beautiful, powerful, deserving and DIVINE already (open and allow yourself to believe it).  There is nothing I have to do, or say, or prove, manipulate and no one to impress.  I KNOW that in this place all is well and in perfect order and that I am safe…..AND SO IT IS!
So, my beautiful and magnificent friends, once again I thank you for letting me be a part of your day and your life.  You are truly special and make my world a bigger and brighter place and I honor you for that!
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Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person ~ Albert Einstein

Change Your Life In an Instant!

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Dealing with Anger in a Welcoming Way!

Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality | 0 comments

Is Dealing With Anger in a Welcoming Way Possible?

How lucky we are to get to deal with anger in a loving, respectful and welcoming way!

Not exactly what you would expect to hear from a Spiritually Guided Coach.   But I’m here to tell you that you should not discount ANGER and what it can actually do, to bring you closer to your heart and your Spirit.  We ALL experience ALL of the emotions (including dealing with anger) and feelings that come with being human.

It is how we respond to these emotions that really create our outcomes though.  If you have the desire to feel less anger in your life and decide that you would like to start to work with this emotion rather than be “run” by it, you can start the change – right now actually.

Just set the intention, right now, that when you are dealing with anger and the anger arises within you, that you will notice it for what it is, accept it without judgment and be with it without speaking or “doing”.  Just sit with it – kind of like a “time out”.  For this to actually work, you must actually do it and COMMIT to this intention you are setting.

That is not a normal response to dealing with anger therefore it does take determination.

When you CHOOSE to start working with it though, by consciously setting the intention to pay attention and give it your time and consideration, you will start to see that will show up less and less in your space.

Often times when we feel angry we either respond from a completely unconscious place, like lashing out, using physical gestures, screaming or completely closing ourselves.  If not those things, we may suppress our anger by pushing it down, pushing it away, until, like a volcano, one day it erupts with a fury!

The deal is that it should be accepted as part of our being human. Anger is caused by feeling hurt or sad or defensive and it’s a secondary emotion.  When you find yourself dealing with anger, there is a disconnect with LOVE.  Always, even though it may appear to have to do with someone else, it is a disconnect with LOVE for yourself.

That is why anger can actually be good if we commit to the choice of being aware and consciously bringing yourself to a place of just being with it.  It is in this space that we accept and love ourselves completely, wholly and without condition.  We notice we are angry, we don’t reprimand ourselves for being angry and it is here that we can get to the root of why it’s come up in the first place.

If you are really honest with yourself, you can almost always trace the cause of the anger back to you.  Are you choosing people and situations in your life that are not serving your highest good?  Are you putting yourself in an environment that is not serving your highest good?  Are you self loathing in a way that your environment manifests your beliefs about yourself and life?

You truly are more powerful than you could ever imagine and truly are the creator of your own world.  Giving yourself the time in these moments of HIGH VELOCITY emotion, is a great gift and one of the best  ways to really connect to your God Self.  The essence of who you truly are.

Dealing with anger is way more productive when you aren’t being consumed by it!

We all are in this together, because at our finest level, we all are really ONE anyway.  Having said that, sometimes going through these really tough times and dealing with our emotions are hard to do on our own.  There are many places you can go for support.  You can seek out a Coach or a Mentor to help guide you to your own answers.  Perhaps counseling might be what you need.  Or you just simply may want to find a place to come, to get questions answered, to bounce things off of other like minded individuals or just to get that little extra inspiration you may need to get you through that part of your day.

I invite you to come LIKE my Facebook pages to find that sense of friendship and belonging.  Jump on, enjoy and feel free to start conversations there.  It’s open 24/7 with people from around the globe congregating there to share!

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Always, with Loving Light from my heart….Namaste!

Linda Nuss
[email protected]

Dealing with Anger in a Welcoming Way!

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Finding YOUR true Spiritual Connection!

Posted by on Aug 2, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Relationships, Self Help, Self Love, Spiritual Audios, Spirituality | 2 comments

GO HOME AND GO BIG AUDIO! ~ Finding Your TRUE Spiritual Connection!

click the above link or image below to listen now

For those of you listening to this blog that have registered for the “Waking Up the Real You ~ Re-Creating Your Own Reality” Series”, please listen to the whole audio.  It’s only 5 minutes long and there’s an additional message in there for all.  I did talk about the Series in this audio to let those of you who haven’t heard about it, know about it.

My message is about finding your true spiritual connection and understanding the power of true connection to others.




Are you ready to find your spiritual connection?


Be sure to leave a comment below – let me know how you liked the “audio” blog!

Blessings to all!  Enjoy!


Finding your true spiritual connection!

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GOD SPEED! ~ You Be Right, I’ll Be Happy

Posted by on Jul 11, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Relationships, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality | 0 comments

GOD SPEED! ~ You Be Right, I’ll Be Happy

That coined phrase seems to re-occur often in my coaching.   Seems us humans are so invested in being “right” that we will use our entire energy supply trying to make someone else acknowledge our way of thinking.

It’s like beating your head against a wall – time and time again, because the other person is usually invested in convincing YOU that THEY are “right” as well. And so it goes…..

When should a person say, “you know what?….go ahead and be “right”, I’m going to go be happy!”?  We have no idea what others “human experience” agenda’s are, so why are we arrogant enough to want to change them, to seemingly make our own ideas and beliefs about life “right”?

The answer to the above questions would be, whenever it is you are ready to BE HAPPY!

Sure, you can share your perceptions about what is appropriate behavior for YOU, and what you feel is okay to have in YOUR “space”, but beyond that….Quit trying to change other people. If what they are doing, or not doing, saying, or not saying isn’t feeling good to you, than say to them “GOD SPEED! – Go live your life the way you see fit, make your bed and then lay in it, I’ll do the same, however, it just isn’t going to work for me to have you in my space anymore”.

The problem most people face is that they don’t want to have to give up anything… not their perceived comforts, their perceived friendships and most of all their NEED TO BE “RIGHT”!  There’s a feeling of “by God, if I have to tow the line, they better do the same!”, rather than just letting them be and then living in accordance with what makes them feel good.

It’s ironic that we cling so tightly to the illusion of what we think we have, or want to have, rather than WHAT we actually do have.

I have to admit, this comes up for me in my coaching.  Especially with people who I’m close to.  I need to practice what I preach. I sometimes get so invested in wanting people to love themselves at the level they need to in order to experience freedom, happiness and joy – all of which awaits them, that I sometimes feel the need to be “right” and I hang on so tight to giving all that I’ve got, that I end up depleted.  How’s that for the whole “mirroring” affect.  I want to help people “be happy” but ultimately I can only offer tools and different perspectives to help.  To be happy, is their choice.

I know that I need to give all I got, with love in my heart and then not be attached to the outcome.  Also, to give freely the tools and insights to help someone choose to become empowered, but then release attachment to how they use them.  At the end of the day, we all have to CHOOSE to love our-selves enough to let go. We have to find the courage to say “GOD SPEED” to people and things in our lives that are not in alignment with what we want to see for ourselves.  It’s a challenge to stay out of judgment of those things that we “let go” of and stay centered in our own consciousness when it comes to being connected to our Source. That’s the space where life becomes easy, joyful and feels effortless.

Thanks for letting me share!  This blog literally flowed effortlessly out of me, as my own experience of this has been presenting itself and mirroring back to me.  I know this is yet another opportunity to “let go” and unfold even deeper into the greatest expression of myself!

I love life!  I love my relationships because they teach me so much about myself.  I’m forever grateful for the absolute knowing of the Source that flows through me…that IS me. My heart swells with expansion and gratitude!

Blessings to all of you out there and….. “GOD SPEED” and BE HAPPY!!


Linda Nuss (Go get your free gift! It’s given with love!) – Come join me on facebook! – I would love to see you on twitter!

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The Seed that Waits to Bloom

Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Self Love, Spiritual Audios, Spirituality | 0 comments

The Seed that Waits to Bloom

It’s ironic that people can spend their entire lives holding on for dear life, to the things they think are love. It could be the marriage that is anything but happy and maybe even abusive, a job that pays well but is miserable, a fancy sports car that they are a slave to financially, an “image” of who they want people to think they are (whatever that might be)….the list could go on. All the while they’ve convinced themselves that without these things they will be alone, broke, worthless, unlovable…..and again, the list could go on.

Their fear keeps them captive from the very thing they want so badly – LOVE, and they will do whatever it takes to convince themselves that what they are hanging on to is really love. They are so afraid to wake up from the “dream” of what they so desperately want, that they cannot see it’s just a dream and are not willing to see that what they actually HAVE, is not serving their SOUL and is anything but LOVE or the experience of IT.

They are so afraid to wake up that they live in a state of “survival”. Wanting, wanting and wanting for everything “out there” to just cooperate and be in alignment with their dream. Often, all they feel is regret, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, exhaustion and completely forget to LIVE and DANCE and SING the song of their SOUL.

IT’s been there all along….LOVE that is.  IT’s who WE ALL ARE, with no exceptions. Nothing and no one else can give you love, it can only be shared with each other. REAL LOVE that is. You can’t give someone something that already is entirely who they are because they are lacking nothing. A void cannot be filled with a person or thing because we are all whole in this moment. When we truly connect to the Source of who we truly are – we blossom. We discover that we’ve been LOVE all along.

I’ve heard this song a thousand times and have know the words by heart, but today I REALLY listened and felt profoundly sad for those who forget they ARE LOVE and live there lives searching, hanging on and unable to experience their own beauty blossoming in the ultimate opening up in LOVE and experience themselves in the fullness and greatness of who they truly are in this moment.

The good news is that everything is all in perfect order and it is NEVER too late to wake up!!

Always Love and Light!  Thanks for being YOU :-)!

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Science, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Such a common question one asks themselves when trying to define or find a label for their perceived description of themselves. Really the question should be “WHO Am I”? because WHAT we ARE is Divine Light/Pure Source and nothing more – that’s it – “all she wrote”! We have to give up our grand ideas and all the drama we cook up TRYING TO BE SOMETHING OTHER THAN JUST THAT!

“WHO we are” reflects back to us by our relationships, circumstances, environment and over all state of mind….and it’s all based on how deeply we believe in the “WHAT we are” Energy.  So it’s important to become aware of WHO we think we are (by paying attention to what is reflecting back to us) in order to get to the “knowing” of WHAT we really are so we can be FREE and seated in LOVE.

Recently, at the Festival of Enlightenment held in Estes Park, I attended a workshop led by Panache Desai. I’ve created an illustration of what he described. Even though, at most levels, I knew this… through the power of his energy, and by the shear reality of that which he IS, it resonated at a deeper level within me. He used a marker and drew a very “rough” drawing of this idea in his workshop. I just felt compelled to create a “clearer picture” of it.

We all seem to feel the need to “SEEK” our highest potential, when all along, our highest potential exists in this moment. The biggest illusion is that we have to “strive” to find our Divine Light. Do you believe that is ALL that you are? Divine Light? If not, then it’s time that you start to recognize we have no choice in the fact that DIVINE LIGHT is ALL we are. We get to be the Lens that lets it shine through. We can remove the filters and JUST BE….or struggle with the concept that somehow we are not complete and whole in this moment.

Take a look at what is reflecting back to you and recognize it as a part of you. Embrace it without judgment and know that it too, is made up of the DIVINE LIGHT. That (Divine Light) is all that exists. It’s ALL SOURCE energy, it’s just that FEAR, and JUDGMENT and GUILT and SADNESS and all of those emotions we label as “bad”, vibrate at a heavier level and feel dense and uncomfortable. If all we do is recognize the DIVINITY in those aspects of ourselves, rather than resist them, push them away and cover them up, they will naturally transmute into LOVE which is the highest level of vibration there is. You will notice the “reflection” of those things showing up less and less.

TIP FOR THE DAY: When you feel an emotion/feeling or experience a “reflection” that makes you uncomfortable….Close your eyes for a moment, take in a nice slow, easy, full breath and say:

“There is Divine Light in this feeling and it’s okay. I know that there is NOTHING BUT DIVINE LIGHT in this “anxiety, fear, anger, judgment….etc.” that I am experiencing and I know that I am safe and complete in this moment.”

Hopefully this was helpful to you. I know that it was for me. It’s time we quit denying all the aspects of ourselves….ALL the aspects of being Human. Start to become aware in order to begin transmuting the lower vibrating emotions so that you can become more fully integrated into the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU ARE!

Love and Light ALWAYS!



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HEY WARRIOR!! – Yes I’m talking to you!

Posted by on Jun 5, 2011 in Positive Thinking, Self Help, Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 0 comments


Standing strong against the storm of life and the happenings both in the heart and the external

Witnessing all that seems to be “happening” while recognizing your part in its creation

Standing still in the swirling debris of your mind, being the observer of what’s flying around you, seemingly standing in the eye of the storm

Reacting to only what is to be the message of it all, by embracing the chaos, observing, observing

Staying in the power of the knowing ~ staying still in the eye ~ feet planted solid into the earth

Allowing no one, no thing, no illusion to pull you from the expansive WARRIOR that you are

Patience to know that if you wait, observe and be still long enough, that the chaos remains outside of you, only to collapse in on itself as you remain a WARRIOR

Poem Written By:  Linda Nuss (Picture – compliments of Google Images)

Love and Light to you all!



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The Bridge….

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Happiness, Self Help, Self Love, Spiritual Poetry, Spirituality | 0 comments

There is a bridge to wherever we want to go ~ to whoever we want to be ~ AND whatever we wish to see. It beckons us in our dreams and shows itself to us behind our eyes. We can feel it’s subtle calling in the shadows of our thoughts. Where it leads us is not for us to know ~ only that it offers a path for which we can choose to take. It’s calling us to lighten up our heart to illuminate it’s presence ~ offering a way to cross over the struggle of our separation ~ offering us a way “home” to the LOVE of who we truly are. ♥♥ Linda Nuss

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Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Self Love, Spirituality | 2 comments

Who and what are you blaming today for feeling “less than” happy? It’s an important question to ask yourself throughout your day.  It will clue you in to who you are giving your power to and help you to question – WHY?

We all do it.  Give our power away that is.  We truly are the Captain of our own ship, however, we all slip from time to time and get tired of the responsibility owning our own lives and experiences.  I guess I should ask:  Are you even aware that you ARE 100% responsible for your own life?  Just thought I would ask as I do not want to presume.

Just so you know, if you are uncertain about that question I have put together a free Mini-Course and Ebook on just that.  You should check it out or simply sign in over to the right of this page.  Either way, you’ll get the free gift :-)!

Sorry, got a bit diverted in my message but it seemed appropriate to throw that in there because I think there are many people who don’t really understand that they truly are creating their lives, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

Okay back to the “Ship” analogy…. If somebody is showing up in your life that is making you feel “crazy”, angry, sad, frustrated, victimized or whatever negative emotion that you know to be true for you, WHY do you give them even more power by allowing them to determine how happy you get to be?

If you are steering you ship and someone comes and tells you you’re doing a crappy job and you suck at it (they don’t happen to like where you’re heading) and demand that you let them take over the Helm, are you seriously going to do that?  Agreeing to just being along for the ride even though they are taking you somewhere you DON’T want to go?  Or should you tell them to mind their own ship and do what they need to do but they need to GET OFF your ship NOW!

Perhaps you relish in the “sweet release” of relinquishing ownership of your life and your feelings to someone else for a while.  After all, you get to blame the guy/gal that you’ve just let take over!  How’s that gonna work for you?  While you can BLAME. BLAME. BLAME, you will forever be at their mercy and forever be hoping they will “see the light and take you where YOU want to go”.  Won’t EVER happen!

Are you starting to get the picture?  If we were all to just stop in the moment of feeling bad and ask ourselves the question I posed earlier “Who’ Fault Is It”, we would remember that it is our own fault because we CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY!  We can choose to get back into the “drivers seat”!

Just a sweet reminder of how powerful you are!  Your amazing life is waiting for you ~ full of all that you can see in everybody you’ve ever admired or aspired to be.  These people would not be reflecting back to you it wasn’t a part of WHO you are in this moment!

Here’s a couple of really great books that are newly released that would be super valuable time spent.  I highly recommend them!

Author:  Kimberly Ann Coots

Author:  Saskia Roell


Well, “it’s a wrap” for this particular blog.  Be back again soon!!


Linda Nuss




There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone to succeed ~ Alan Loy McGinnus

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Posted by on May 14, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 2 comments

It comes to mind, (LOL), that the Mind is where it ALL seems to start ~ even this Spiritual Language that we incorporate into our being in order to heal those aspects of ourselves we’ve yet to uncover.

In my coaching I teach over and over again “this Spiritual Language” and a variety of “tools” to help people to create shifts in their lives to start to really be able to connect to their Spirit/Soul and very essence of who they are.

The only time my Mind does not come into play is when I’m channeling Spirit. Spirit’s message literally by-passes my Mind and words flow out of my mouth effortlessly while infusing me with a sense of expansion beyond belief!  In these moments ~ I JUST AM.

I learn from these moments and can repeat it from a thinking place but I am back in the Mind again in order to do this.  I suppose it’s the ebb and flow of it all.  That it’s the necessary “humanness” that makes this particular journey what it is intended to be for us.

I have, however, been really aware of this lately as the Universe has put an example of the “I AM” in front of me with a particular person.  This guy does not know that he “just IS” because he’s not “trying” to be that way or “thinking” about it.  I’ve never met anyone else like him.  Almost completely unconditioned, no indication of fear and somehow just enjoys what’s in his space “WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT”.

Seriously, it’s bizarre – kind of.  That’s my instinctual reaction because of MY “conditioning”.  This kind of behavior from this guy is so NATURAL yet is so UNCOMMON that it feels bizarre.  This person has no issues around money, relationships, attachment and you would never really know this stuff about him because he’s not trying to teach it, he’s simply just BEING IT.  I feel blessed to have this kind of interaction with him as I know it’s the Universe communicating with me.

I think the biggest message that is intended for me with this acquaintance is that we all ARE our desiresWe all ARE our loving feelingsWe all ARE our wealthWe all ARE natural servants to one anotherWe all ARE compassion, love, Light, joy, peace etc….

Our pain and struggles show up in the IDEA that we need to TRY to be good. Our struggles show up because we feel we need to TRY to set examples, that we need to TRY to be good at passing the message of LOVE along, we need to TRY to be wealthy etc.  Now obviously, you can’t just sit in a chair and do nothing but you CAN go through your experience knowing you are these things and that you are meant to experience your life in the way that you do.

My guess if we could all operate in the feeling space  of fullness and greatness and quit always THINKING WE NEED to TRY SO HARD there would be less struggle and pain showing up in our lives.  If we were all masters at this there would be Peace on this Planet without doubt.

I’m not sure how clearly I have put this feeling I’m trying to convey into words but I wanted to give it a “go”.  I’m feeling very transformational in this moment and I’m grateful I have all of you to share with.  Thanks, as always, for listening!

Love and Light to you All!

Linda Nuss
Light Me Up Ind., LLC (free gift)
[email protected]

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Turn the Cheek….Towards what you want!

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

So often we hear the phrase “just turn the other cheek”.  I believe it is often misunderstood to mean, keep on taking whatever it is that is being dished out to you and this somehow makes you a better person.  I believe Gandi meant it to a means of NON VIOLENCE and I’m totally on board with that!  Turning the cheek does not mean to stay in the same place and continue to be a door-mat either.

I mean, come on!, WHY would you want to stand in one place and choose to continue being, well… “B” slapped” over and over again?  Should you FIGHT BACK??  Absolutely not because that is wasted energy being directed into what is NOT SERVING your Highest Good.  What if you, INSTEAD, turned your other cheek towards the thing you really desire and deserve?

What if you decided to become clear about what you desire and then make a move towards it, even if it is ever so small AND being WILLING to believe that the very thought itself is starting the process?  There’s probably a good chance you don’t even know what it is that you want.

Well it’s time to figure that out. It’s time to be open and receptive to allowing the good that is rightfully yours to come to you but you first have to be willing to believe that it is possible.

So often I see women start to THINK they understand this concept and they say “Okay, I can do this!  Hmmmm, let’s see….What is it that I want??”.  “How about lets start with my husband.  I want him to not be so condescending or jealous or WHATEVER….” or “I want my boss to appreciate all that I do and give me a raise” or “I want my kids to stop sassing me and just do what I ask them to do without complaining”.

You can want and desire others to change ALL DAY LONG but the fact of the matter is, you cannot change anyone else’s behaviors. Often times, this is why people give up because they think they know what they want and spend all their thoughts and energy around changing other people’s habits and behaviors to ensure their own comfort.  When really what they are focusing on, are the things they DON’T like or DON’T want in others and the Universe, being the generous and all giving Energy that it is, just keeps bringing the same thing.

The Key to changing your life is focusing your energy on what you WANT. Here’s a few examples:   I want to be in a happy, supportive, healthy relationship where complete support for each others highest good is priority.  OR – I want what I “do” to be in complete alignment with who I am and be able to utilize my God given gifts to serve the world while making at least 75k annually.

Once you can determine what you WANT then start MOVING and LEANING that direction. Do not take your eyes off what you want and the Universe will throw nuggets your way to help you easily accomplish it.  You do not have to KNOW HOW it will play out but be willing to be open, receptive and willing to accept that the Universe is your partner in getting this done.  Your job is to stay focused and watch and pay attention to the things that arrive in your space to help get you to your desired outcome.

This seems so easy but because we are programmed to do exactly opposite of this, it takes commitment, willingness and focus to change your instinctive and unhealthy patterns.

If you are really serious and need help, I strongly encourage you to find a Coach.  There’s power in this as it shows the Universe that you are willing.  I specialize in Relationship and Life Coaching and I’m happy to help.  Regardless of who you reach out to… find some support.

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Love and Light to you!

Linda Nuss
CEO of Light Me Up Ind., LLC
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I LOVE my Mom!! She’s one of the most impressive, strong, women I know.  She was left to raised her 4 Kids on her own after my Father died at the age of 28 of a heart attack.  I am the youngest of the 4 kids and I was only TEN WEEKS old when he died.  My brother’s the oldest and he was FIVE).  She never re-married and was able to, on a teachers salary, without working summers, put us through private schooling, was part of the PTA, hosted many overnight slumber parties for us and supported us through our rebellious, crazy, hormonal teenage years.  She also made college available to all of us.

Most people would crumble under that kind of shock and pressure and intense sorrow, but instead, she devoted her entire life to raising us kids.  Her family became her focus and she, early on, must have decided to find the blessings in her children rather than stay in a state of absolute sadness from the loss of my Dad.  Don’t get me wrong – 46 years later she will still cry when she reminisces about him or thinks about how we didn’t get a chance to know him.

She never even really dated.  We did not have men coming in and out of our lives – ever.  She provided such a safe and consistent environment for us.  The families we grew up with that were part of our school are still people she gets together with frequently.  In fact all of us go to one of the families house EVERY CHRISTMAS EVE.  No invitations are sent out – everyone just shows up.  It’s pretty cool!

My Mom is also the WORLDS BEST GRANDMA to 10 grandchildren.  All of her grandkids have a very close and special relationship with her as well.  I don’t know what I would have done without her support during some trying times in my own parenting to my Son and Daughter.  She has always been my rock!

I literally could write a book about my Mom and maybe I should just do that someday soon but for now I just wanted to honor her on this Mothers Day!  She represents the ultimate Feminine and Masculine balance!  She’s strong and capable.  She was an EXAMPLE of positive thinking and perseverance!  There was really nothing that she couldn’t do if she put her mind to it.  She participated in our lives:  to the extent of showing me and my friends how to do tricks on the “monkey bars”!  LOL  I can still hear my friends saying “wow – I can’t believe your MOM can do that!”  We would organize our softball games with all the other families and the parents would play too.  Those are some wonderful memories.

I am so grateful for the healthy, loving childhood that she provided me and my siblings.  She did this without a man in her life.  She showed us how we can be complete on our own so that our relationships could be that much more meaningful.  The loss of my Dad certainly showed up in my own life in different ways.  There were things to learn from that as well and most definitely played a part in how my life played out for sure, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life.

I continue to be one of my Moms biggest admirers and I cherish the relationship that I have with her.  She’s my friend and is still my rock!  I LOVE MY MOM so much!! and today I sit in gratitude that our SOULS committed to each other in this life!

Blessings to all of you Mothers out there!  You are beautiful and special – enjoy your DAY!!

Love and Light Always

Linda Nuss
[email protected]




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