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Ernest Holmes – Science of Mind Review

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Science, Spirituality | 0 comments

I Live In Changeless Reality!

Science of Mind perspective by Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes
is someone who has added great value to my life.  It’s kind of interesting because there were many years that I was living the Science of Mind philosophy but really didn’t have any guidelines or language for it.  I just “knew” that this particular way of life  felt right to me.  I was no longer willing to let others tell me what was right or wrong or what to believe and I started really listening to my own truth by paying attention to what “felt” right.  I love that any path or religion someone may believe in is part of this perspective!!

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What is an Aura?

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 in Aura, Chakra, Science, Spirituality | 0 comments

The importance of understanding your Aura

Just a few of the benefits of seeing an Aura

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Right Brain Equals Euphoria!

Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 in Positive Thinking, Science, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Euphoria exists in the RIGHT hemisphere of your brain without the left

sides influence!

Do you ever wonder why you feel compelled to “seek” the next thing that might “trigger” the kind of change you are looking for?  Do you find yourself judging others who are not on the same “Spiritual Quest” that you may be on and wonder, how they could be so asleep, even when you are still “seeking” yourself?

What is it exactly, that drives that curiosity, that inner knowing of some miraculous answer to discovering your “perfect” life; and like a magnet, you are being drawn to investigate and journey towards that elusive peace that you may seem to know exists, but isn’t entirely yours in this moment.

Could the Right side of our brain be the key?

While there is no “proof” of anything, do you feed off the experiences of others who seem to know more than you about this “place”, this “space of being”, this enlightened view of the “truth”?  

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in General, Happiness, Positive Thinking, Science, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Such a common question one asks themselves when trying to define or find a label for their perceived description of themselves. Really the question should be “WHO Am I”? because WHAT we ARE is Divine Light/Pure Source and nothing more – that’s it – “all she wrote”! We have to give up our grand ideas and all the drama we cook up TRYING TO BE SOMETHING OTHER THAN JUST THAT!

“WHO we are” reflects back to us by our relationships, circumstances, environment and over all state of mind….and it’s all based on how deeply we believe in the “WHAT we are” Energy.  So it’s important to become aware of WHO we think we are (by paying attention to what is reflecting back to us) in order to get to the “knowing” of WHAT we really are so we can be FREE and seated in LOVE.

Recently, at the Festival of Enlightenment held in Estes Park, I attended a workshop led by Panache Desai. I’ve created an illustration of what he described. Even though, at most levels, I knew this… through the power of his energy, and by the shear reality of that which he IS, it resonated at a deeper level within me. He used a marker and drew a very “rough” drawing of this idea in his workshop. I just felt compelled to create a “clearer picture” of it.

We all seem to feel the need to “SEEK” our highest potential, when all along, our highest potential exists in this moment. The biggest illusion is that we have to “strive” to find our Divine Light. Do you believe that is ALL that you are? Divine Light? If not, then it’s time that you start to recognize we have no choice in the fact that DIVINE LIGHT is ALL we are. We get to be the Lens that lets it shine through. We can remove the filters and JUST BE….or struggle with the concept that somehow we are not complete and whole in this moment.

Take a look at what is reflecting back to you and recognize it as a part of you. Embrace it without judgment and know that it too, is made up of the DIVINE LIGHT. That (Divine Light) is all that exists. It’s ALL SOURCE energy, it’s just that FEAR, and JUDGMENT and GUILT and SADNESS and all of those emotions we label as “bad”, vibrate at a heavier level and feel dense and uncomfortable. If all we do is recognize the DIVINITY in those aspects of ourselves, rather than resist them, push them away and cover them up, they will naturally transmute into LOVE which is the highest level of vibration there is. You will notice the “reflection” of those things showing up less and less.

TIP FOR THE DAY: When you feel an emotion/feeling or experience a “reflection” that makes you uncomfortable….Close your eyes for a moment, take in a nice slow, easy, full breath and say:

“There is Divine Light in this feeling and it’s okay. I know that there is NOTHING BUT DIVINE LIGHT in this “anxiety, fear, anger, judgment….etc.” that I am experiencing and I know that I am safe and complete in this moment.”

Hopefully this was helpful to you. I know that it was for me. It’s time we quit denying all the aspects of ourselves….ALL the aspects of being Human. Start to become aware in order to begin transmuting the lower vibrating emotions so that you can become more fully integrated into the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU ARE!

Love and Light ALWAYS!



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