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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Liberty in the Woman's HeartTo demonstrate LIBERTY, drop all negative thoughts from the mind.  Do not dwell upon adversity but think plenty into everything, for there is power in the WORD.  Meditate on the things you are doing as being already done – complete and perfect. ~ Earnest Holmes pg 488 The Science of Mind

Are you leaning into what you want or focusing on the failing attached outcome you’ve so willingly given yourself to?  This is something that is so ingrained in us as a society.  We want so badly to believe we are in control and we hang on so tightly to how we THINK things should play out.
Are you guilty of watching the people in your life, disappoint you – over and over again? For instance, when they behave in ways you KNOW to be rude, inconsiderate or just complacent?  You are so ATTACHED to how you think they should behave and justify your annoyance by thinking or saying – “it’s just plain RUDE, there is no excuse for that kind of behavior”.  Maybe, you express your annoyance enough that they apologize and things settle down only to have that same interaction again sometime down the road????

I’ve got news for you. This is not about them, it is about you and your attachment to what you think your relationship is with them.  Sorry if that sounds kind of harsh but I really want to help give you a new perspective.

The fact may be, that who you think you’re dealing with, or who you want to believe your dealing with, may not be a very conscious person.  Not to judge, as they too, are on their journey and it is not for you to decide how they “should be”.

The question is this:  Is their behaviors and belief systems in alignment with yours?  And can you deal with the ones that aren’t?  Simple as that.  Trust me when I say, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEM.

This leaves you with making choices (albeit, sometimes hard ones) about what you WANT and in order to support that, WHAT IS and IS NOT okay in your space and then MOVE TOWARDS WHAT IS!

I use relationships as an example in describing LIBERTY but it applies to anything that is not going the way you THINK it should.  Always allow the life force within you, to flow through the thing you are working towards and then allow it to be DONE for you.  The Universe knows how it should play out and only needs you to think about what you WANT. It (The Universe) will present opportunities, people, ideas that in just the right time and place to make it happen!

From my heart to yours!

Linda Nuss
Light Me Up Ind., LLC
[email protected]

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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Ever receive a long distance phone call from somebody who’s calling collect?  You have to accept the charges or you don’t get the call?  Well, recently I’ve had some experiences that make me question how often Spirit is trying to contact me and my hypothetical phone is on silence.

Last week I had a string of experiences that, quite frankly, were startling at how clearly messages were coming to me.  This often happens through people who come into my life.  I believe this is one way the Universe communicates with us – I know for sure, that’s how it is for me.

I’m pretty clairvoyant on a normal day but last week was amazing!  I had several encounters with other people that were most definitely directed by Spirit and I actually was connected enough to see it!  I was in the YES, I’LL ACCEPT mode! How often am I not in that mode though?  How much do I actually miss?

This time of year, Spring and Easter, is a time of real opportunity to receive.  It’s time that all the tending, nurturing and preparing you do, in order to allow your dreams, desires, goal and hopes to SPRING FORTH and RISE/ASCEND into reality.

It is a time that if you are aware and have your “ringer” turned up and are in the YES, I’LL ACCEPT mode, that the energy of the Spirit, the Universe, God (call it what you want) is ever so present and wants to be in communication with you.  Bringing forth abundance in all areas of your life in order for you to see all of your efforts and desires BLOSSOM!

Use this opportunity to really work with this energy! It is really strong and present for the purpose of “birthing” all of your ideas and things you may have been working on, into reality.

This Energy is ALWAYS available but extremely strong at this time!  Why make it hard on yourself when all you have to do is CONNECT and RECEIVE?

No matter your Religious beliefs, use this time to FEEL this ENERGY and allow it to assist you and accelerate your desires!!


Linda Nuss
CEO/Light Me Up Ind., LLC.
[email protected]

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Spirituality | 0 comments

Love IS My Religion!

Just this morning I was having a conversation with my friend in Pakistan.  He told me when he first met me, which was via the internet, that he thought I was Christian.  I must look like a Christian apparently???? LOL. Anyway, he went on to tell me that he was shocked when I signed off our communication with the salutation “Namaste”.

He proceeded to ask me if I studied and followed Hinduism.  I informed him that while the process of finding my own truth seemed to take me down the path of resonating with Eastern Philosophy more than anything else, that I did not label myself with any particular “group”.  I have beliefs and truths for myself that come from all of the so called “groups”.  I told him that if I HAD to label my beliefs as anything, that I guess it would have to be LOVE.  I couldn’t even bring myself to use the word religion.  I had to say beliefs.

He proceeded to gift me a link to a website he thought had lots of good information about Peace and Love.  He did  this however,  while making sure that I didn’t think he was of the Muslim religion.  I was so ecstatic that he provided me with the opportunity to let him know I could care less whether or not he was Muslim and that he was my friend which was all that mattered to me.

Separation, Religion OR Love?

This led into a discussion about the separation that is happening all over the world.  He was brimming with anger and sadness while telling me about some of the extreme injustices that were recently taking place in his country.  In his world there is struggle and deprivation and fear.  How in that environment of a constant feeling of victimization, can one shift out that anger into a state of love?

As I spoke with him, I was acutely aware of my surroundings.  I was sitting comfortably in my office with my nice cup of tea and beautiful sunshine coming into my window.  I knew I probably have never, in my own life, known the depth of victimization that he deals with on a daily basis.  I’ve spent the last 14 years coming to terms with all my experiences that have kept me from Love (extremely minor I might add on a relative scale).  My combined experiences pail in comparison to what he and his country face on a daily basis.  I asked for Source to speak for me at this point because my mortal ego was perplexed as to what I could possibly say that would make any sense to him.

How was I going to explain to him, while sitting comfortably in my SAFE home that LOVE was the only way out of this separation?  How was I to help him understand that he must turn to that place inside of himself?  The place that is not of this world and greater than his physical body and his external “illusion”.  That he needed to do this to not only heal his heart but to heal his family, his neighbors, his country and this planet?  Was I asking the impossible?  While this did seem almost the impossible to my friend, he did understand.  He would say “you’re right”.  “I wished more people thought the way that you do”.  He understood what I meant because he could feel the truth in what I was saying even though his heart was hurting.

Are we courageous enough to believe that LOVE is more powerful than RELIGION?

The question is whether or not we are courageous enough to believe that LOVE is the most powerful force that exists.  Even more powerful than “religion“.  That defensiveness, hate, retaliation, fear and victimization are weakening forces and create more of what we are fighting against.  It takes courage to let your defenses down and replace them with love.

The feeling of vulnerability and exposure can be paralyzing when it comes to the whole religion topic especially.  Even more scary, is to choose NOT to jump on the “band wagon” of other angry people who want revenge – who don’t yet understand – and then spread that message of love.  The people that we love and are close to can actually be the MOST intimidating people to share this message with.  While the people we are close to may be wallowing in anger and resentment and victimization,  eventually they will come to realize that they FEEL better when they are around the person who IS coming from that place of LOVE.  It is then that they will begin to slowly understand.

Mahatma Gandhi was such an amazing example of what I speak of:

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

He knew that the only way to heal yourself was to be Love and to be Truth.  He understood that “Hate begets Hate” and that nothing could be healed with revenge.  What an amazing man and teacher he was!  There was not the discussion about what religion you needed to be in order to be saved, he spoke of “being the change you wanted to see in the world”.

In the end of our conversation we agreed that there is much to overcome but that it starts with us as individuals.  We must first heal ourselves with love and then work our way out.

Take notice of where the inequality might lie within your own immediate environment. Is it possible, at some level, this world’s inequality is being reflected back to you as a subtle message to treat your wife, husband, child, sister, brother, friend, neighbor, employee etc. in a more equal and respectful way??  When you start to recognize your own behaviors and prejudice’s and heal your own views that separate you from others then you can authentically come from that place of love and be part of the shift in consciousness that will change the planet forever.  It’s then and only then you can know peace.

I want to thank my friend for the opportunity to solidify this LOVE RELIGION of mine and to deepen my own conviction and dedication to Loving Awareness.  My love goes out to him and his country and to all those who live in fear and lack.  My heart overflows with LOVE for PEACE and I sit in GRATITUDE for my life!

Make sure to check out the Great Resource Tab for some amazing, life changing stuff!

Much Love and as always….Namaste!

Linda Nuss



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Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 1 comment

Because we are One copy

Even though we appear to be so separate there is no denying the energetic bond we all have with one another.  When someone you know is hurting, you can often feel their pain, when you are around happy people it’s easier to be happy… and so it goes.

We are the part of the fabric that we call life and there is no way to separate ourselves from one another.  When we hurt someone, we hurt ourselves, when we are love, we spread the love.

Let’s love each other and care for one another – BECAUSE WE ARE ONE!



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Posted by on Feb 5, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships | 0 comments


Valentines Day is around the corner and while I’m not a big “holiday” kind of person, I will give it credit for, at the very least, making LOVE be a conscious part of our day.  The thing that drives me crazy about it though is, shouldn’t everyday be special?  Shouldn’t everyday be an opportunity to show the person we love…. well…..that we love them???  The idea of the obligation of flowers, candy, sex (had to throw that last one in to see if you were paying attention) or whatever way one chooses to profess their love, seems to take away the authenticity  in it, at least for me it does.


I know for some of you women out there that this is a BIG day!  One of the few times a year that you get some extra attention and signs of “effort” from you’re “lover’.  It probably makes your man feel good to show you his affection in a “special” way as well (after he’s gotten over the pain of having to try to figure out what to surprise you with).  I know I’m sounding cynical here but why can’t we make time to do these special things randomly throughout the year?  When there isn’t any obligation attached?  You know how much more meaningful that would be and FEEL??


Life has us going at such a warp speed these days that it feels more like a couple of months has gone by since the last Valentines Day rather than a year.  We can get so out of touch with the important things in our lives… like EACH OTHER and force ourselves into the societal patterns that end up governing the most precious things in our lives – OUR RELATIONSHIPS.  The retail stores giving us our Que that it’s time to pay attention to our partners and make them feel special.


I guess whatever works to make SURE that it happens at least a couple of times of year with this holiday or that holiday.  One could see the benefits from that point of view I guess but  Man!  if that’s the case, we have SO lowered our standards.  Love is so important!  I actually think I would have less of a problem with the Valentines Day thing if it were a reminder to LOVE THYSELF for at least a day.  If it encouraged Self Love because THEN, I think it would attract the authentic love into our lives on a more regular basis from our partners (and all the people in our lives for that matter).


Valentines is okay in my book if it’s an ADDITIONAL day to show your love, not the ONLY day.  My point is this – show the person you love, that you love them… EVERYDAY.  You can do this a million different ways with things such as a short neck rub, a really nice long heart felt hug, a tender kiss on each cheek, make them their breakfast, get up an refill their coffee for them or something along those lines.  Simple, free and powerful.  Every now and then it’s nice to be surprised with flowers, candy or an unexpected “romantic rendezvous”!


I’m all about the LOVE!  SELF LOVE, first and foremost, and then awesome relationship LOVE (it’s the bomb!) – I know because I’m blessed to be in a relationship that supports each others HIGHEST GOOD and LOVE comes very naturally and freely from that.  I feel special everyday because I get to and I choose to.  Simple as that.  He does the same and it allows us to appreciate each other in a way that leaves us both feeling special to each other on a daily basis.


Do it everyday though!  It’s wonderful to be mindful of the ones we love and enjoy the amazing connection that comes out of that!  Share your heart everyday with the one you love.  Choose to make it a priority and enjoy the benefits it brings to the relationship!!

Love and Light to you always!


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P.S.  If you want to attract WEALTH within your relationship or understand how to STRENGTHEN the foundation of your relationship – check this out!

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Prayer for Dismantling Guilt and Need for Control

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 6 comments

Believe it or Not

I think we all have a little part of this belief running ramped in our subconscious vault.  It’s better to call it out and desolve it rather than let it create havic in our lives.  Just an impromptu impulse to write about it.


All the guilt and control that I grew up with made me a good person!  I believe without it I would not be as good as I am today.  It is only through guilt and control that people understand right and wrong and therefore should be made to feel guilty if they do not follow the standards and beliefs that I’ve been taught to believe.  If they live without the looming guilt and are left to make their own choices they will not be as good of a person.  Therefore I will make sure they live up to MY standards and MY expectations or I will not give them my love.

Prayer for Dismantling Guilt and Need for Control

I AM LOVE therefore I cannot be anything else BUT love.  I know that I am not separate from God and that I am connected to everyone.  My feelings about life up to this point have come from outside of me because that’s all I have known.  I am starting NOW to love myself without any guilt or feeling of not being good enough.  I will connect to that deeper part of myself and all my limiting beliefs that are not serving my highest good will be dissolved.  I KNOW I AM good enough just because I AM.  I AM “being” a vessel for Gods love.  I am co-creating with this Source Energy by offering love instead of judgment and righteousness and the need to control or be controlled.  I forgive myself for forgetting who I really AM so I can begin to understand the suffering of “separation” in others and forgive.  I release judgment on myself so I can begin to release judgment on others knowing that all is in perfect order.  I will surround myself in love and everything that supports Love and open doors for others to enter through.  When I act in “LOVE” everything changes and my life is easy!  I FEEL GOOD, I’M THANKFUL for___________________________

Everything is in perfect order!!!



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Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help | 0 comments


We unconsciously use our relationships to fill the gap of separation to our Spirit.  We unknowingly feel fear of being alone, unimportant and not good enough and look to our relationships to fill those voids.


If we were truly connected to Spirit and understood that amazing Light we all hold within us, we would not look outside of ourselves to fill any kind of “gap” because there would  not be any.  There is a very tiny “knowing”, on a more subtle and unconscious level within us, that still remembers this part of ourselves – our “God Self”.  Though buried it may be, the desire to be one with it and the fact that we are not, is what causes our “dis-ease” and sadness.


Any pain we experience comes from being separate from our Source – Our Power – Our Light.  That’s when things start to get a little bit “dicey” because we misunderstand the pain.  We are depending on those special relationships in our lives to “run cover” for those missing parts of ourselves.  Nobody can do that for another.  Let me say that again…..Nobody can do that for another.  All the expectations of wanting the other person to change because, BY GOLLY… they’re just wrong and making me feel like crap, is just avoiding having to take responsibility for what you are choosing to fill your space up with.


Let me let YOU in on a little secret.  The default reaction to the most annoying, unwanted behavior of somebody else that’s in your space, that is causing you to feel sad, angry, resentful, disgusted and generally BAD, is to blame them for how it’s making you feel. Expecting them to change and to behave in a way that you feel is appropriate and that makes you feel better. THIS my friend is the RED FLAG I’m talking about.


The feeling of being stuck and unhappy in the relationship is because no matter how hard you may try to “control” the other persons behavior, no matter how right you may think we are about why they need to change, you have absolutely no control over somebody else. There may be games that are played to try to gain the illusion of control back but it’s just that….an ILLUSION. Any of this sound familiar?


You may not like what I’m about to say but if you truly want to see change in your relationship, you absolutely have to start by taking 100% responsibility for your life. Quit blaming the people in your life for why you are not happy. It’s about revisiting what IS and what IS NOT okay in your space.  Begin by noticing the things and people that FEEL good in your life and begin to identify the things and people that don’t.   Move towards the good feeling things and away from the things that make you feel bad.  This is what the beginning of taking responsibility for your life looks like.  You might think this sounds hard but living your life out feeling stuck and unhappy isn’t exactly easy, so you really have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


The good news is that often times just recognizing this and starting the process of really taking responsibility for your life will organically start to create positive change in the people around you.   I will tell you, it’s the ONLY way you have a chance to have REAL change happen within the relationship!


When you’ve lived your whole life blaming others for your discomfort or misery (which most of us have), it’s often really difficult to process this idea on your own.  Seek some guidance and mentoring.  Invite close friends to support you as you start to figure out what it is you want and what is okay and what is not.  You won’t be getting too much support from the people who’ve been using you to fill their “gaps” because all of a sudden they’ll start to fall in them and they won’t like it.


All I can say is that life is way too short to let another person or persons have control over whether or not you get to feel happy.  Time seems to be flying by at warp speed these days and before we know it we’ll be 80 years old wondering where all the time went.  We seem to have this assumption that we have so much time to figure stuff out and we’ll get to it as some point.  The time is now.  That’ really the only time that is real.  In this moment we can choose differently to alter and shift our lives in magnificent ways.  Don’t wait.  You are far too precious to not be living your life in joy!!

Live, Love, Laugh, Sing, Share and BE HAPPY!

Love and Light!

Linda Nuss

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Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments


Just even the idea of divorce or separation from a long term or even high intensity, short term relationship is one of the most terrifying feelings a person can go through.  I know because I’ve been there.  In fact, in a way, it was super difficult because I actually loved my husband very much but had embarked on a journey that changed who I “thought” I was and and the “role” I played in the relationship.  I unfolded into someone that didn’t fit into the relationship dynamics anymore.  No matter how hard I tried to fit back into the place I had held in the relationship, I came to understand that I would truly be unhappy and have to surrender to the “old” me and the “old” behaviors that kept me from deeply knowing myself and living my life on purpose.


Have you ever been in this situation?  OR Are you in this situation?  More often than not when women go through life, performing all the required “titles” that life requires of her,  it’s very common for women to become so disconnected with who they are and what they want.  There’s a feeling of being stuck, unhappy and an overall feeling of resentment.  This often plays out, if not externally, for sure energetically and can cause huge disruptions in the marriage or relationship to the point of wanted or needing to get out.


There are so many emotions that run our thoughts and our unconscious behaviors that it’s really hard to sort it all out in a way that it can be done in a place of love.  Instead there’s fighting, finger pointing and defending to the absolute break down of the emotional stability of both the people in the relationship.   It can feel so frustrating and exhausting to defend your “right” to feel the way you’re feeling.  After all, you don’t want to be a “doormat” right?


Obviously, there’s no way in a quick blog that I can fully explain how to emerge from this “sinking ship” with love in your heart instead of hate.   There’s no quick way to helping you understand how you can start to feel more in alignment with who you truly are than you ever have before.  I can tell you that there is absolutely a way to process your experience by either creating a shift in the struggling relationship or coming to peace with lovingly letting it go.  I’ll give you 3 Keys that are of utmost importance:

Key #1 – IT’S AN INSIDE JOB – This shift starts with you and doesn’t require your partners cooperation.

Key #2 – DON’T DO IT ALONE – Find help.  Find a Life/Relationship coach.  Preferably someone who has experienced it.


If you are tired of feeling sad and lonely in your relationship,  if you feel like you are stuck and don’t know how to help yourself and if you’re worried about feeling selfish for wanting to feel better – I know I can help you.    I’m starting a 5 week long group class called “You Are the Key”.  It begins the week of Feb. 14th (exact day and time to be determined) and I’m only accepting a limited number of women into the group.

Truly it my mission to help a lot of suffering Ladies out there and make it financially possible for them to get started creating change in their lives so that they can create change in  their relationships.


This is an excellent way to get over $1000 worth of coaching for $397.  A $200 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Whether you decide to do this or not, please know you are so very important and you have your own unique purpose here in this life.  Don’t waste your gift of life by feeling sad.  It’s your “birthright” to have all that you desire and live in peace and happiness.  Do no surrender to ANYTHING less!

So much love and light to you!


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Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

by Linda Nuss on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 7:59pm

Connection is Key to Love of any kind!

Dear Friends and “Sisters” of Mine,

It’s time to take charge of your life and quit thinking things are going to change when you keep doing things the same as you’ve always done them.

If you’ve followed me at all on FaceBook or my LIGHT ME UP! Radio show, then you know how passionate I am about self love and spiritual empowerment!  It kills me to see women suffering in their relationships and thinking that it HAS to be that way.

I’ve FINALLY decided to serve my fellow Sisters and provide an affordable and effective way to gain understanding as to what’s keeping you stuck and unhappy in your life and relationships.  You are powerful beyond measure and YOU HOLD THE KEY to unlock the door to the life you deserve!

If you can relate to this – I can help!

I am setting up a 5 Week Program,  “YOU HOLD THE KEY”, that includes a weekly 60 – 75 minute group call.  During the 5 week program I will be including 2 extra one hour Q&A calls to address any burning questions you may have.  I will be presenting the KEY reasons why women get stuck and surrender to feeling unhappy in their relationships.  I will provide you with the tools and concepts to begin to create the change you’re looking for in order to, either create REAL change in your current relationship, or create the kind of relationship you may be seeking and help you to understand why you may be feeling so STUCK in your life in general!


It’s amazing and liberating to unleash the “You” that has been hiding for so long.  There is HUGE benefits in having a circle of loving, nurturing women who can totally relate to you and support one another.  You will feel an unmistakable organic bond that occurs in these group situations.  Trust me when I say that the truth about WHY things are the way they are, will be the same for every person in the group – no matter how different their individual circumstances may be.

I will be accepting only 12 people in this group in order to keep it more intimate, so if you’re interested – act fast.

Message me on FaceBook or email me at [email protected] if you are interested in signing up.

COST FOR THIS WILL BE:  $200 Deposit to secure your spot and $197 before start of class.  (You will basically be getting 8+ hours of Life/Relationship Coaching for $397 – Normal charge per hour is $175 so it’s a great affordable way to get you “jump started” towards the life that you deserve!)

The class will be starting the week of Feb. 14th and deposits will be needed to reserve your spot. I’m so excited to be offering this and look forward to working and connecting with 12 of you Lovely ladies out there!

Love and Light to you!



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Posted by on Jan 23, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by all the things that needs to get done? Do you feel like you are a sinking ship that is going down fast?  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there – including myself.

I get so wrapped up in all the external “gotta get this done” crap that I forget which way is up or down.  The feeling of importance that comes with being busy and accomplishing, accomplishing, accomplishing is ridiculous.  What if  don’t do all this crap I have lined up for myself and what do I tell the people who are expecting it from me?

I sometimes get so caught up in the “doing” that “being” gets left in the dust. Ever feel like that?  It’s exhausting!  I seem to catch myself in that pattern over and over again.  Kind of like drinking too much and saying “I’m done with that – never again!”  Then the next weekend you do the same thing again.  (Just to clarify – I don’t even drink anymore but I was young and a bit “crazy” once upon a time).  It’s really quite unbelievable how we forget to CHOOSE our life in any given moment.

I’ve at least become conscious enough to know when I’m doing this and will catch myself.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed and feeling doubt about myself and fear about anything, I stop myself  and “connect” to the Spirit within me and just listen…..

It’s in these times of feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted that I will  remember the relationship I have with me – WITHIN me – at all times.  And then I “just connect”.  What a powerful source and tool this proves to be for me whenever I remember it’s there and waiting.  When I do remember, all I have to do is stop – connect and listen!

I can literally feel that Energy move through me an into my heart.  Often times if flows out my mouth into something that inspires me and the people around me.  What an awesome force!  I’m so lucky recognize this ability and feel the sheer magnitude of It’s presence.   We all have this within us but if you don’t ever STOP to listen and “connect” it’s unlikely it will hold the powerful UMPH that it otherwise could.

All I can do is to encourage you to try it!  That Source is just waiting your arrival and friendship and wants nothing more than to move through your day with you.  To lighten the load and make all your burdens seem less.

So I’ll go forth in my day being mindful of this magnificent Source that is in me and continue to serve in the best way I know how.  I’ll go forth in Love because that is what this Energy I speak of, truly is and I’ll go forth and “BE” the person I AM rather than the one I think I need to be. I’ll do this until I notice once again, that I’m NOT doing this… and so it goes.  The Ebb and Flow of it all.

Ahhh, LIFE.  Quiet yourself and JUST LISTEN!

Love and Light to all of you!



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Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 in General, Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality | 0 comments


This is such a common thing I see over and over again! Women in relationships feeling stuck and unhappy.   Their husbands control almost every aspect of their life.   Did your ears just perk up a bit because you can relate?

It makes me crazy!!   To see women putting up with this when the solution is right there, WAITING to be acknowledged and discovered.   The ironic thing is, it’s  something that only they can change.  Now don’t get offended.  I was you at one point and time so I completely “get it”.


I’m here to tell you some empowering news….  It has nothing to do with changing your Partner or Husband.  You have the complete power to change everything!   I know you must be thinking – “whatever”… she doesn’t know my husband.  There’s no way I can change ANYTHING!  The truth of the matter is…that thought alone is just another un-serving belief!  It’s coming from a place of fear.


The typical response I hear and the typical “reactive” behavior  goes something like this:   ” God! He’s such and A**Hole.   He just wants to have a say in everything I do but he gets to do whatever he wants in the relationship, when he wants!”  “Selfish!”


There are actually women out there NOT working out, NOT wearing make up when they would like to, NOT reading Personal Development books and NOT going to church or exploring spirituality (just to name a few) BECAUSE their husbands give them too much grief to make it worth it. .  Are you one of them?  There’s a reason the men in your life do not want you to do things like this.  They are much too unconscious to even realize it themselves, but hey are fearful of loosing you (the very thing they may end up creating with their behaviors).   They are much more comfortable keeping you under their thumb.  Have you noticed whenever they push you a little too far, they switch to the “kissy face” “mister nice guy” control method.  And so it goes.  The ugly vicious circle.  But honestly – that’s more about them and really has nothing to do with you.

If this is you….Let me give you some good news. The #1 reason this is happening is because you are ready for growth.   The opportunity is presenting itself to give you the “choice” to  be open to developing a whole new level of existence.

If for some reason you just aren’t ready, don’t worry, the opportunity will continue to present itself again and again, until you finally do something about it.  Believe me, the Universe is pretty relentless in giving you what you look at.  If you are looking at your husband who doesn’t support you and is making you feel stuck and unworthy, then by all means, it will give you just that.


Honestly, all it takes is a change in perception.  It requires focus and a willingness to be open to new ideas and challenge old beliefs.  What I can guarantee you is that you’re husband is not the problem.  Don’t for one second think he has that kind of power.  It all about YOU.   You hold within yourself the KEY to unlocking the life you don’t even dare to dream about.  You have the ability and the knowledge within you and just need a little guidance, that’s all.

Don’t fear my friend.  Your life is playing out perfectly.  All is in alignment with where you need to be.  You will choose the right path no matter what.  Hopefully you will choose with love in your heart for yourself and start the journey of living and creating your life on purpose!

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I want nothing more than to help you understand how amazing you really are!!!

Namaste my friend!


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WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT? This is a great day to speak about DREAMS.  It is Martin Luther King Day after all.  Who else better to look to when wanting to really be inspired by courage, hope and a relentless pursuit of a dream.  This man was against all odds, but had a passion and a vision of what he knew the world could be.

ARE YOU JUST GETTING THROUGH LIFE? So many of us just get through our days and live mundane and ordinary lives.  We get through our days accomplishing our “mandatory daily tasks”.  Most people don’t even know how to dream anymore.  Are you one of them?  Do you even remember how to dream and that it’s actually an option?
WARNING!  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT! What is so important to remember is that with every creation, the thought of it had to come first.  Do you wonder why your life plays out the way it does?  When we are so caught up in the struggle of our lives, that is what we unconsciously think about – ALL the time!  All the while, the Universe is busy giving us exactly what we think about because we are JUST THAT POWERFUL.
If you’re not even sure what you think about, then it’s time to take a good look at your life.  How are your relationships?  How do you feel about your job?  Does it feel like life is a struggle and exhausting?  Where in your life do things seem a little easier?
Start to really notice what your life is reflecting back to you.  You will start to see patterns.  This is an excellent place to start.  When noticing the things you don’t want, it gives you the opportunity to replace the thought about it with what you do want.
YOU CAN BE THE “BOSS” OR THE “PUPPET” – IT’S UP TO YOU If you can really get good at recognizing your negative thoughts and take responsibility for your life, your relationships and your overall environment then you are on the road to creating the life you want.
TURN OFF THE DRAMA! Don’t be someone who is attached to the “drama” and pain of life.  Take charge and change your negative thought vibration.  You are powerful and capable to create the kind of relationships, job and life you long for.  Start dreaming and creating in this moment!  Don’t wait another second!
Here’s to living the life of your dreams!
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