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What is an Aura?

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 in Aura, Chakra, Science, Spirituality

The importance of understanding your Aura

Just a few of the benefits of seeing an Aura

  • Experience the beauty!  It’s incredible!  Why not see all there is to see?  You miss out if you don’t know how.
  • Learn the “vibes” of other people in order to attract what you want.  Why not strategically or wisely interact with others in a way that is cohesive and well informed?  You can avoid confrontation and develop a better understanding and a more authentic connection with those around you.  Bad relationships come from misunderstandings and choosing the wrong people to associate with in the first place.
  • Discover the Magic in reading your Aura – don’t be left behind!  Get to feel the joy and benefits that others who have the advantage of reading auras do.  You’ll always feel one step behind knowing others get to enjoy this gift and you don’t.  Especially when you have the ability!
  • See if your Aura says if you are positive or negative.  Discover how would it feel to be able to alter your external experience by understanding better what causes the unwanted things in your life.  Nobody likes to struggle and I’m sure you are no exception!
  • You will discover the hidden truths about yourself and others.  Much of what causes conflict, money problems, relationship problems and overall struggle are “hidden beliefs” you hold within you.  Being able to read Auras will reveal these “pesky” hidden beliefs and you’ll be able to heal them so you can begin to design your life just the way you want it to be!  It doesn’t have to be hard unless you choose to do nothing about it.
  • Create the life you desire with the new information you will get from seeing your aura.  The truth is that you are the Creator of you life.  You always have been and always will be.  Why not do it consciously or with awareness.  Learning to read your Aura, working with your Chakras and becoming aware of your Energetic Body will dramatically change and enhance your life.  You can do this…anyone can.  It just takes the willingness to learn.   Instead of feeling like a victim and like life is happening TO you, start feeling like the Captain of your Ship and begin feeling like life is happening THROUGH you!


Aura Colors - What Is An Aura?IS AN AURA REAL?

Are you someone who is curious about aura’s and has ever askedwhat is an aura? You may have a vague idea of what an aura is but has anyone ever really explained or clarified what it is, why it exists and what role in your well being that it plays?  I hope to clarify some of the mystery that may exist on the subject of Aura’s in this post.   I’ll first start by giving you the Wikipedia definition of what an aura is:

“In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureole in religious art). The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness. Sometimes, however, it is said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura. Often it is held to be perceptible, whether spontaneously or with practice: such perception is at times linked with the third eye of Indian spirituality.”


It occurred to me that I have been so busy speaking and coaching about Spirituality, Self Love and Relationships in a way that skips a lot of the really important and basic concepts that were crucial in my own Spiritual development.  I recently had a strong feeling, an intuition that I needed to be providing those of you who really want to understand some of the fundamentals of Spiritual and Personal Growth and how your Energy Body (Aura’s and Chakra’s), along with the understanding of how it plays a vital role in your overall life experience.  For me, learning about my “energy centers or my Chakras” and my “energy body or my aura” was an enormous part of my Spiritual and Personal growth and in fact, accelerated a transformational shift in my life that has been unmatched to this day.

An Aura is NOT SOMETHING NEW! You’re just waking up!

Aura’s are not something new and are not a “new age kooktum fantasy”.   Since we are, at our most basic source, Energy Bodies, learning about and then working with your Aura and  is an incredible way to accelerate your Spiritual and Personal growth process.  It is a scientific fact that energy is matter so how could we be the exception to that rule?  Western society has not, until recently, even begun to acknowledge or at least be willing to talk about this fact.  The concept of Aura’s and the Chakras have been around since the beginning of time.  Holy people such as Jesus and Moses have been portrayed with luminous golden halos above their head.  One of the most popular pictures of the Blessed Virgin Mary is shown with a glow around her entire body.  Aura’s have been found in ancient pictures from Egypt, India, Greece and Italy and one of the first people from the West to actually write about Aura’s is Paracelsus, a famous Swiss philosopher-physician (1493-1541).

You may have heard Aura’s referred to as: “prana (Hindus), mana (Hunas) and more modernly referred to by many psychics as “etheric force”.  We all have an electromagnetic field around us and emanate a level of energy created by heat that can be read with infrared technology but the aura is different and actually has color to it.  Some people, especially small children, are naturally able to see other peoples auras and often times children don’t know that everybody else cannot see what they are seeing and don’t know to even mention it.  Sadly, this ability is lost as they mature because it hasn’t been nurtured and worked with.  Everyone has an aura and has the ability to see aura’s but it’s much like working out a muscle – if you don’t use it –  you loose it,  so it’s like any other ability, it must be worked with and developed.

So let’s get to the “nitty gritty” of what an aura is and looks like, shall we?  I’m going to dive right in and show you the different levels and then describe the colors and the colors attributes associated with them.

Auras and Chakras


The 1st layer of aura is the Etheric body.

The 2nd layer is the Emotional Body.

The 3rd layer is the Mental Body.

The 4th layer of aura is part of the astral body.

The 5th layer is the ethereal template body.

The 6th layer of the aura is part of the Celestial Body.

The 7th layer of the aura is part of the Ketheric Template.



RED:  A red aura represents a strong ego, personal power and a driven nature to accomplish and be successful.

ORANGE:  An orange aura represents a warm, caring and helpful nature.

YELLOW:  A yellow aura is often associated with someone who is extremely bright, confident, creative, outgoing, charismatic, and loves to communicate on almost any subject.

GREEN:  A green aura is associated with people who are peaceful and easy going.

BLUE:  A blue aura presents in someone who is an eternal optimist.

INDIGO:  An indigo ground color aura can often times appear purple and is often found in people who love helping others.

VIOLET:  A violet ground color aura is often found in individuals who live a very spiritually focused life.

SILVER:  A silver ground color aura is rare and is usually found in other parts of the aura.

GOLD:  A gold ground color aura is an indication of unlimited potential that is often pursued and reached by this individual.

PINK:  A pink ground color aura is associated with determined people who have stubbornness about them to accomplish their goals.

BRONZE:  A bronze or autumn colored aura is usually associated with philanthropists and humanitarians.

WHITE:  A white aura is really more like a white light and represents a sort of holiness.


I know this information, is just that…information, until you are able to see either other peoples aura’s or your own.  There are ways to activate and develop this ability and actually start working with it, however, it takes focus and practice and determination.  There is an exercise you can do to get the feel of the soft gaze that often makes reading an aura much easier.  This is really fun and crazy amazing too.  Check this out!

(Try getting really close to the image and stare through it, like you are looking in the distance.  Wait until it gets really blurry and starts to melt into itself.  Then pull away a bit holding that gaze.  Eventually you will dial into a 3D image that is floating in the image.  It’s really cool to experience this.  It can give you an idea of what it’s like to hold a gaze when reading an aura.)

(This image came from Magical Eye 3D website)

Well, I hope that I’ve answered your question of what is an aura? and that you’ve had some fun in the process of learning about them!

This was a very, very scaled down version of  my EBook “What Is An Aura 360” that will be released very soon.  Keep checking back and bookmark the link!

As always, to find out more about any subject you can always go to “http://www.” to find out more, investigate different opinions to validate, expand and come to your own conclusions and ideas about what interests you!

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Blessings, Peace, Namaste and Joy to you!

Linda Nuss