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Posted by on May 14, 2011 in Happiness, Relationships, Self Help, Spirituality

It comes to mind, (LOL), that the Mind is where it ALL seems to start ~ even this Spiritual Language that we incorporate into our being in order to heal those aspects of ourselves we’ve yet to uncover.

In my coaching I teach over and over again “this Spiritual Language” and a variety of “tools” to help people to create shifts in their lives to start to really be able to connect to their Spirit/Soul and very essence of who they are.

The only time my Mind does not come into play is when I’m channeling Spirit. Spirit’s message literally by-passes my Mind and words flow out of my mouth effortlessly while infusing me with a sense of expansion beyond belief!  In these moments ~ I JUST AM.

I learn from these moments and can repeat it from a thinking place but I am back in the Mind again in order to do this.  I suppose it’s the ebb and flow of it all.  That it’s the necessary “humanness” that makes this particular journey what it is intended to be for us.

I have, however, been really aware of this lately as the Universe has put an example of the “I AM” in front of me with a particular person.  This guy does not know that he “just IS” because he’s not “trying” to be that way or “thinking” about it.  I’ve never met anyone else like him.  Almost completely unconditioned, no indication of fear and somehow just enjoys what’s in his space “WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT”.

Seriously, it’s bizarre – kind of.  That’s my instinctual reaction because of MY “conditioning”.  This kind of behavior from this guy is so NATURAL yet is so UNCOMMON that it feels bizarre.  This person has no issues around money, relationships, attachment and you would never really know this stuff about him because he’s not trying to teach it, he’s simply just BEING IT.  I feel blessed to have this kind of interaction with him as I know it’s the Universe communicating with me.

I think the biggest message that is intended for me with this acquaintance is that we all ARE our desiresWe all ARE our loving feelingsWe all ARE our wealthWe all ARE natural servants to one anotherWe all ARE compassion, love, Light, joy, peace etc….

Our pain and struggles show up in the IDEA that we need to TRY to be good. Our struggles show up because we feel we need to TRY to set examples, that we need to TRY to be good at passing the message of LOVE along, we need to TRY to be wealthy etc.  Now obviously, you can’t just sit in a chair and do nothing but you CAN go through your experience knowing you are these things and that you are meant to experience your life in the way that you do.

My guess if we could all operate in the feeling space  of fullness and greatness and quit always THINKING WE NEED to TRY SO HARD there would be less struggle and pain showing up in our lives.  If we were all masters at this there would be Peace on this Planet without doubt.

I’m not sure how clearly I have put this feeling I’m trying to convey into words but I wanted to give it a “go”.  I’m feeling very transformational in this moment and I’m grateful I have all of you to share with.  Thanks, as always, for listening!

Love and Light to you All!

Linda Nuss
Light Me Up Ind., LLC (free gift)
[email protected]